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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 3/18/2003 

Today's busy lifestyles sometimes mean we don't have time to cook, 
or we must eat while we are out. Most choices available in 
restaurants today are very high in fat and calories. However, there 
are a few selections available that won't bust your fat budget.


Restaurants make it easier for us to choose the right foods when dining 
out. Many will mark the healthier selections on the menu with a heart 
or other symbol. If in doubt, ask the server for a suggestion.

Fast Food doesn't have to mean Bad Food. Grilled chicken sandwiches, 
baked potatoes, small hamburgers minus the mayo.. there are many 
low fat choices which won't hurt your diet. Many are actually good for
you! A Grilled Chicken sandwich from Wendy's contains just 300 calories 
and 7 grams of fat. It also contains 24 grams of protein, and 15% of 
the RDA for both Vitamin C and Iron. 


If your office coworkers order out often, you may be tempted to forego the 
healthier choices and go with the crowd. Don't be afraid to stand firm 
and order something light. If the choices are not available, then brown 
bag it. Pack your lunch, eat it outside or in the car and away from 
temptation. You may find that you enjoy the peaceful moment alone 
with your sandwich and Diet Pepsi more than the hustle and bustle of 
the office environment and a pizza!


If you visit the salad bar while waiting for your dinner, you can easily 
consume an extra 300 to 700 calories or more! Toppings such as 
cheese, bacon, eggs, and other fatty foods pack in the fat grams and 
calories with just a small amount. Salad bar dressings are generally 
high in fat, but most will offer at least one fat-free selection. Make the 
obvious choices, such as vegetables and nonfat dressings. If you eat 
at Taco Bell, don't be fooled by the word 'salad' in Taco Salad. One 
serving contains 850 calories and 52 grams of fat!

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