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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 3/25/2003   

Secret To Staying Young and Keeping Fit
by Karen Sessions

If only there was a pill to pop to keep young, vibrant, and fit.  Perhaps a 
small something we could do each day to prevent ourselves from aging?  
In today's fast-paced society, we have simply overlooked the basics.  
Well over half the population is a two-income household, leaving little 
time at home for good ole' home cookin', and even less time for exercising.  

Now that we have identified the situation, we must come up with a plan.  It 
is evident that vitamins and minerals, nutrition, and exercise are nature's 
fountain of youth.  Our only job now is to figure out how to make time to, 
earn a living, be a family, and stay young by getting fit.  

Vitamins and Minerals
Today's man-made, convenient lifestyle has completely depleted our 
nutrition of essential vitamins and minerals.  Heavily processed, 
pre-packaged food, completely strips vitamins and minerals from our 
nutrition, decreasing health, and setting off all types of imbalances in 
the body.   A vitamin/mineral deficiency leads to early aging.  A simple C
opper deficiency can lead to early graying, varicose veins, and even 
an aneurysm!  Liver spots are a result of a Selenium deficiency!  I 
cannot stress enough the importance of vitamins and minerals in your 
daily diet, since they contribute to quality health, longevity, disease 
prevention, biochemical reactions, and hormone regulation.  If you 
take a broad look, vitamins and minerals can be considered, anti-aging 
and pro health.

While this is true, I must caution you.  Your basic inexpensive vitamins 
you see on supermarket shelves are just that, basic.  Most of the time
they do not even meet the basic out-dated RDA, and many are not 
absorbable by the body.  Bottom line, when it comes to vitamins, you 
get what you pay for.

Nutrition is another aspect of staying young, healthy, and fit!  I have 
already mentioned how the "quick" food items are not nutritionally 
sound, and supplementing with quality vitamins and minerals can 
help fill the gaps due to poor nutrition.  However, supplements can't 
do the job alone, and need your assistance.  To stay young, healthy, 
and fit, eat more real food.  Limit the canned, boxed, and 
prepackaged items, and eat more fresh and natural food.  Real food 
keeps your body working properly, and it keeps your body free of 
toxins.  Many of the toxins are brought on from the processed choices.  
Real food will keep your metabolism charged and your digestive 
system functioning properly.  Real food will aid in healthier and 
younger looking skin.  

Take an extra few minutes each day and plan your meals.  Take 
some extra time to pre-cook a few meals so you have some healthy 
dishes available when you don't have time to cook.  

Water is a precious nutrient, which contains many minerals.  It is 
necessary for metabolizing stored body fat, digestion, transportation, 
hydrating the skin, and absorption of vitamins and minerals.  Water 
aids in circulatory and digestive functions, controls body 
temperatures, prevents dehydration, and removes toxins from the 
body.  To further slow down the aging process, add 16 ounces of 
water between your meals.

Physical Fitness
Physical fitness is the ability to perform activities of daily living with 
energy. Basic physical fitness can be further broken down into 
cardiorespiratory and strength conditioning, and each are necessary 
for optimum health, fitness, vigor, and youth.  

Cardiorespiratory, more commonly known as, cardio, is endurance 
training.  Cardio is heart healthy.  It burns calories, and stored 
bodyfat.  Adding a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio activity to your 
daily regime will keep you fit, healthy, and young.  Great cardio 
options are brisk walking, rollerblading, aerobic dance, swimming, 
jogging, or anything that gets your heart pumping!

Muscular fitness constitutes endurance and strength training.  You 
can accomplish both at one time for overall general health.  
Resistance training does not build bulky muscle, unless you train 
extremely heavy with minimal repetitions, and eat a high caloric diet.  
Therefore, adding light weight training to your nutrition plan will 
benefit you by adding lean body mass, which is metabolically active. 
The added lean muscle tissue can reshape your body, burn extra 
calories, and make every day physical task simpler.  Now you have 
to make time.  This isn't a lot to ask, especially if your health is 
dependant on it.  This doesn't have to be time consuming.  Set 20 
minutes a day aside and focus on you.  You deserve it!

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