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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 3/25/2003   

by Vicki Palmer

We've defined natural foods as those that could have been eaten raw 
by a primitive hunter-gatherer (vegetation, fruits, meat, etc.) but that 
any alteration, cooking or processing step removes it a degree from 
its natural state.  So today's T-bone steak would be 3 or 4 steps 
away from its primitive counterpart (due to breeding, seasoning 
and cooking) yet remain basically a natural food.
Now we can define unnatural foods as those that the primitive 
hunter-gatherer would not have had access to: grains, sugar, beans, 
etc.  In their raw, basic form, these foods are not edible by humans!  
These foods were never intended to be consumed by humans.  
(Dairy products are included in the unnecessary category.  Although 
they can be eaten raw, it is unlikely that they were available to 
primitive hunter-gatherers.)  They couldn't possibly be a necessary 
part of a healthy diet.  In the form of foods like pizza, cake, pasta, 
chocolate and ice cream these foods have created traditions that 
are ingrained in most cultures.  Their value to us is the feeling of 
"belongingness" that they grant to their users.  These foods in 
whatever form should be viewed as "entertainment" food, if eaten 
at all.  Don't believe things like "you have to have some sugar" or 
that anyone actually needs the phytoestrogens in soy.  And you 
don't have to drink your milk!  There is no natural need or 
legitimate craving for an unnatural food item.  You may choose to 
eat it because you would really like it, but, believe me, your body 
is not telling you that you really have to have ice cream or it will 

Use these tools to evaluate the foods you find at your supermarket 
or health food store.  Don't think that something is healthy just 
because it's in a health food store.  In fact, just looking at the gaunt 
and pale faces that work at your average health food store can tell 
you that.  Let's look at a modern "health food" item like a protein 
bar.  Few of the ingredients are even natural to start with.  Each 
item has undergone numerous processing steps.  Then all items 
are combined.  Sweeteners mask the unpalatable taste of the 
protein and vitamins, throwing off your natural instinct-to spit it 
out.  Most of these bars are difficult to digest and are not useful to 
the body, short of stopping hunger pangs.

Soy is the latest trendy health food.  In just a few years, soy has 
gone from tofu to mainstream.  It's found its way into protein bars, 
breakfast cereal and even snack foods.  Products are labeled as 
"soy-enriched" as if this were something good.  To judge the true 
value of soy, just imagine an encounter with the raw plant.  You 
could probably eat the early sprouts or perhaps a few beans in 
their green state.  But not many.  Soy beans are very bland, 
dense beans and would not encourage much consumption.  They 
are difficult to digest, so even if you ate some you would probably 
learn not to eat them again.  They had been used as cattle feed 
and were considered poisonous for human consumption until 
recently when food technology and marketing combined to bring
us this latest miracle food.  Manufacturing soy protein is much 
more complex than just cooking and grinding soy beans.  Many 
processes and chemicals are used to remove the impurities.  
Modern refining certainly makes soy protein easier to digest and 
less poisonous, but a sow's ear is still a sow's ear.  

Vegetarian meat analogs are among the most processed, unnatural 
foods available.  These products can be soy or grain based.  Some 
use large amounts of wheat gluten to achieve a meat-like texture.  
Wheat gluten is one of the most difficult foods for humans to 
digest.  There is a reason it's name sounds like "glue".  Gluten 
forms the tough walls around the air pockets that make up bread.  
More gluten means better bread, but it also means more intestinal 
upset later on for the diner.

Don't wait for a laboratory to invent your health food.  It's been 
here for eons and it's waiting there in the butcher aisle of your 
grocery store.

Some would argue that we have evolved to adapt to other food 
sources and therefore should eat a broader selection of foods.  But 
experience shows that people following the "caveman" diet 
experience a relief of bodily conditions that no medication or 
therapy could resolve.  Allergies, lethargy, obesity and various 
disorders quickly yield to this diet.  

So then what should you eat to we healty and lose weight?  Each 
person can choose their own diet and decide how close to a natural 
diet they would like to stick.  If you'd like to improve your diet, 
start by omitting the unnatural foods that you don't enjoy, but 
you've been making yourself eat because you thought you needed 
them: daily glasses of milk, whole wheat bread, wheat germ, soy 
products.  Then increase the natural foods in your diet-the meats, 
vegetables and fruits.  As you shift your diet toward a natural 
base, you should feel an upswing in your energy level, fat loss 
and general well-being.  This alone will convince you of the 
truth of this diet and may urge you to go further.    

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