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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 4/22/2003   

Calorie Weight Loss Information
The Misunderstood Truth About Calories and Weight loss 
by Karen Sessions  

How to lose weight?  Isn't that the general question that has 
plagued today's society? There are so many general answers 
to that one direct question.  Have you found the one answer yet? 

I teach balanced nutrition and moderate exercise for weight loss, 
and for optimum health. I am against any fad diets because they 
are a set up for failure.  I am not about extreme low-fat, extreme 
low-carbohydrates, or extreme high-fat.  My approach is to feed 
the body what it needs to trigger weight loss and to provide 

Determine Calories For Weight Loss

What I would like to address right now are calories and weight 
loss.  Many are under the impression that calories must be 
drastically reduced to be successful at weight loss.  While this 
may be true to some degree, many are going about it the wrong 

How many times have you heard that, in order to lose weight you 
should keep your calories at 1200?  Have you tried it?  How 
many years have you been on that maximum allowance caloric 

If you have been following that low caloric intake and exercising, 
you are probably storing more fat than you are burning.  I bet 
you are now asking how can that be possible, right?  Let me give 
you an example. 

Let's just say that you are 150 pounds and 30% bodyfat.  With 
those stats, you would need 1200 calories a day just to be alive, 
to move around the house, watch TV, drive your car, or work on 
your computer. Your body (heart, lungs, brain...) requires calories 
to function, to live.  For action, such as walking, housework, 
exercise, or mowing the grass, your body requires additional 

Most people are not extremely active, so roughly, an additional 840 
calories are suitable for activities if you are 150 pounds and 30% 
bodyfat.  With the additional calories, your BMR would be 2040.  
Your body needs these necessary calories (food) to live,  to survive, 
to fight off illnesses, diseases, and to burn fat. 

One reason why many diet's fail is because they are too restrictive in 
calories and nutrients, thus starving the dieter. Eat to nourish the 
body and to provide energy.  Eat to survive, and to lose weight. 

From the established BMR of 2040, you can start deducting your 
activities/expenditure.  If you workout with weights for 30 minutes 
and do cardio for 30 minutes a day, you can burn up to 800 calories.  
This brings you back down to 1240, your survival caloric intake.  
With this pattern you will feed and nourish your body, and keep it 
from working against you. 

Another downfall for those starting a diet with a maximum caloric 
content of 1200 is that it leaves no room for advancement or 

Weight loss is also about a small reduction in calories over a 
period of time.  If you are 150 pounds at 30% bodyfat and you 
start your weight loss program at 1200 calories a day, there are 
no calories to reduce for the coming weeks. 

If you did the same workout and cardio regimen, you will still burn 
400 calories.  That leaves you with only 400 calories for your 
body to survive on.  (1200 - 800 = 400).  

Four hundred is unacceptable, and will lead to the starvation  defense, 
an imbalance, hunger, carbohydrate cravings, a loss  of lean muscle 
tissue, improper hormonal responses, slow or  no nutrient 
ransportation, leading to illness, depression, and binging. 

With 1200 being such a low starting point, there is no room for caloric 
reduction.  If you reduce 50 calories a week, by week 6 you would be 
down to 900 calories a day, minus 800 for exercise.

That leaves you with only 100 calories a day for your body to survive 
on. Remember, at 150 pounds and 30% bodyfat, you needed 1200 
calories a day just to survive on. 

If you start a weight loss program at your proper BMR of 2040, you 
can exercise and make small caloric reductions weekly. 

By the 6th week you will be down to 1740 calories a day, and your 
cardio can be reduced to an extent to compensate for thelowered 
calories. This is balanced weight loss, not extreme.  You did not gain
the weight overnight, how can you possibly take it off overnight? Make 
small changes weekly and you will see big changes monthly! 

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