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        FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/7/2003           

Vince Gironda's Favorite Exercises Dips and Chins
by Paul Becker

Vince Gironda was one of the greatest bodybuilding gurus ever. 
He was decades ahead of his time and people today and still 
using his methods. Why? Because if followed correctly they 
produced the fastest muscle building results in the shortest 
period of time. 

Wide Pec Dips

Vince felt that the bench press was a poor chest exercise and 
his students were insturced on how to do dips to create a
wide pec flare that gave them a classic look.

You must use a parallel bar that is 33" wide, if it is not you will 
not receive the intended benefit from this movement. Anything 
wider or narrower will not work the pecs as desired. The most 
important execution of the movement is in the elbows: They 
must be wide and straight out from the shoulders. The head 
has to be in a down position with the chin resting on the upper
chest and the back should be rounded forward.

Cross your feet and make certain they are slightly in front of 
your face, not back. Dip down as far as possible and return as 
high as you can. Never change this position as it isolates the 
pectoral muscles and limits the involvement of the triceps. 
Performing the movement with the elbows in will emphasize
more triceps than pecs.

Very few bodybuilders perform this movement as described. 
It is perhaps one of the best movements for building and 
shaping the pecs there is. But, it must be performed correctly 
in order to obtain the results it is capable of providing. Do
not rush the movement, which seems to be a natural tendency.
Take your time and get a full stretch at the bottom and contact 
the pecs forcefully at the top of the movement. Do not begin 
the movement with the triceps, concentrate on the pecs and 
allow them to begin the upward motion.

Gironda Sternum Chins

Many have dubbed this the single best lat exercise ever invented!  

Implementation:  This involves leaning back throughout the entire 
movement. In this variation, the lower portion of the chest should 
touch the bar. 

Begin by grasping the pull-up bar with an underhand grip, 
approximately shoulder width apart.  Now hang with your arms
fully extended. As you pull yourself to the bar, have your head 
lean back as far away from the bar as possible and arch your 
spine throughout the movement. At the upper end of the 
movement, your hips and legs will be at about a 45-degree 
angle to the floor. You should keep pulling until your 
collarbone passes the bar and your lower chest or sternum 
area touches it. By the time you've completed the concentric 
portion of the movement, your head will be parallel to the floor.  

This is the king of back exercises!  It not only works the lats, 
but the entire back, let's look at why:

1.      The beginning of the movement is more like a classical chin. 

2.      The midrange resembles a pullover motion. 

3.      The end position duplicates the finishing motion of a rowing movement. 

You can now see how this is like three back exercises in one!

Note: For more information go to: 
The Training and Diet Secrets of Vince Gironda The Iron Guru

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