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Ecdysterone is a natural plant extract from the species 
Rhaponticum and Cyanotis Vaga. The extract is also known 
as beta ecdysterone, ecdysone or 20 beta
hydroxyecdysterone and is set to be one of the most 
popular bodybuilding supplements ever. 

Ecdysterone works by positively regulating protein 
metabolism. Studies carried out on ecdysone show that it 
has positive effects on work capacity, immune fuction, lean 
body mass and fat loss, but especially so when 
combined with a high protein diet.

A study(1) was carried out on 78 highly trained athletes to 
asses the effects of ecdysterone on muscle mass and fat 
mass. The athletes were split into 3 groups, one placebo 
group, one protein only and one protein + ecdysone. 
Amazingly after only 10 days the group consuming 
protein + ecdysone increased lean mass by 6-7% and 
reduced body fat by 10%.

Yet another study(2) performed on 112 athletes revealed 
that 89% of those receiving ecdysone reported improved 
performance, greater strength and less fatigue all in only 5 
days. No reported side effects were noted.

A third study(3) was carried out on 117 highly qualified 
speed skaters aged 18-28, tests for work capacity, body 
weight, lung capacity, and VO2 max were measured. 
Results from the data showed an increase in all the above 
parameters. Also, a tendancy toward an increase in the 
exhalation of CO2 and O2 pulse max was seen.

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1. Simakin, S.Yu, et al. "The Combined use of Ecdisten and the 
product Brodrost during training in cyclical types of sports." 
Scientific Sports Bulletin, No. 2, 1988

2. Fadeev, B.G., et al. "Comment on th results of research of 
rabitol in the practice of athletic training and rehabilitation." 
National Sports Research Institute.(In Press)

3. Smetanin, B. Ya., et al. "The influence of rehabilitation 
remedies on special endurance of speed skaters." National 
Research Institute of Sports.(In Press)

         FITNESS TIPS FOR 5/28/2003  

Vince Gironda's Body Drag Curl

If you've ever read any of Vince Gironda's courses you may 
remember his "barbell body drag curl" movement. I never 
gave this much thought until I tried it one day out of 
boredom. To my surprise, and Vince's credit, it is truly an 
outstanding movement for the biceps. It also takes the 
pressure off the deltoids entirely. Last and certainly not 
least, you'll get a killer pump from the puppies!

The Technique

You'll be using a light barbell. Don't worry your muscles have 
no idea how much weight is on the bar. Men, start with the 
45lb bar (or lighter if you haven't been training long). Ladies, 
find a 25lb straight bar.

Begin the movement in a normal curl stance: bar at your 
thighs with your grip about shoulder-width. During this 
exercise you'll bend slightly at the waist, unlike normal 
barbell curls.

Now, here's where it gets tricky. Instead of curling the weight 
up in an arch away from the body, as in a normal curl, DRAG 
the barbell up, keeping your elbows back at all times. Keep 
the bar in contact with your body throughout the curl. You'll 
drag the bar up to about mid-chest level (or a little higher if 
you can) and control it back down to your thighs. Concentrate 
on flexing your biceps the entire time.

After about 4-5 reps you'll really feel this in the belly of your 
bicep and you won't feel it in your delts. Just feel your way 
around the movement and you'll find the groove that suits 
you best. Standard barbell curls didn't do much for my biceps, 
but my front delts grew like crazy! Now my biceps are 
growing. Give this movement a shot. 

A Variation

Vince actually performed this with a reverse grip. To me this 
works the brachialis more than the belly of the bicep. (The 
brachialis is the muscle that runs between the bicep and tricep 
on the outside of the arm). However, increasing the size of the 
brachialis will definitely make your arm larger, so give this 
movement a place in your routine. The only difference in form 
is that you grip the bar with your hands facing toward you 
rather than away from you when the bar is in the starting 
position. This movement works great performed body-drag 
fashion or traditionally, arching the bar away from the body. 
Concentrate by focusing on the side of the arm rather than 
the forearms to contract and lift the bar. 

Vince Gironda 8x8 Routine

Try this exercise and work up to 8 sets of 8 reps with the same
weight resting only 30 to 45 seconds between sets.

Note: For more info on Vince Gironda's training and diet secrets 
go to Vince Gironda

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