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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 7/30/2003 

Weight Training and Martial Arts, the Deadly Combo
by Patrick L. Deu Pree 
Lifetime Bodybuilder

There is no greater deadly combination than mixing weight training 
with martial arts. Bruce Lee trained with weights as does Chuck 
Norris to this very day.

There is an art to mixing weight training with martial arts, especially 
when you hold down a full time job and have a family but it can 
be done. Years ago when I decided to take karate I was already
working out with weights. My first Sensei was Young Su, a 
seventh degree black belt in Taekwondo. He said, "Practice 
every day."

That was hard. How could I practice every day and also workout 
with weights. There were no real weight or equipment at the dojo 
and there was no space to practice karate at Goldís Gym Venice. 
This was back in 1972 and there was only one Goldís Gym. 
That was back when Arnold was the number one bodybuilder in 
the world.

First I tried to practice in the morning and then I would workout 
with weights in the afternoon after work. That didnít work very 
well as I was too knocked out to get the most from either 
workout. I decided to practice only karate for a while and that 
worked pretty well but I really missed hitting the iron. The iron 
has always been in my blood. I finally hit on the perfect solution. 
I split the training up. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I hit 
the gym and the weights. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 
I hit the dojo. Sometimes I would switch and hit the dojo and 
Friday and the gym on Saturday mornings if we had special 
sparring sessions on Friday nights.

I found this way of training worked very well, I grew in strength 
and also in speed and flexibility. My physique took on a more 
streamlined, defined look. I felt great, I looked great.

My muscle building weight lifting routine at the time was:

Bench Press 4x6-8

Squats 4x8-10

Cable Rows 4x6-8

Standing Military

Press 4x6-8

Nautilus Curls 4x6-8

Nautilus Tricep

Ext. 4x6-8

On martial arts day I did ab work, I jumped rope for cardio and I 
practiced punches, blocks forms, I sparred, I stretched. Both the 
weight workouts and the martial arts workouts each took about an 
hour and a half to complete and it worked out perfectly with work.

The martial arts served another purpose as well. People would 
accuse me of being muscle bound because of the weights so then
I would do a few fast moves to prove them wrong.

Martial arts and weights are a terrific combo.

What if a bodybuilder is on a split routine and wants to practice 
martial arts but doesnít have the time to work out twice a day 
combining the two. Here is a more advance bodybuilding routine 
that can be worked in with martial arts training.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday do weights and Tuesday, Thursday 
and Saturday do martial arts.

On the days you work out with weights follow this routine:

Week one, on Monday and Friday work Legs, lats and biceps. On 
Wednesday work chest, shoulders and triceps. The next week 
reverse the order. On Monday and Friday work chest shoulders and 
triceps and on Wednesday work legs, lats and biceps. Do 
whatever advanced exercises you need to do for these bodyparts. 
This routine will allow for more recuperation as you are also taxing 
your body with the martial arts training. This works very well. 
Combining these routines with martial arts are true the deadly 
combination for speed, strength and agility. Try it, youíll like it.

Good luck. 

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