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     FITNESS TIPS FOR 9/3/2003   

The Will Brink Interview
by Doug Chandler MS.

"There is a ton of information about weight loss 
on the internet, and most of it is wrong." 
- Will Brink

Will Brink has been a well known fixture in a wide range of publications 
and the media, ranging from his columns in MuscleMag International to 
his articles in The Townsend Letter For Doctors and many in between. 

He has done many interviews in news papers, radio, and TV, and is 
often invited to speak at conventions and various health and fitness 
related symposiums around the country and abroad. 

We briefly caught up with him to ask him few pertinent questions 
about diet, nutrition, fitness, his book "Diet Supplements Revealed". 
If there is one thing Will Brink is well known for, is he does not pull 
punches or beat around the bush. He tells it like it is, which is much 
as anything, is his trademark to those who know him. 

DC: How long have you been involved in the bodybuilding, health, and 
fitness industry?

WB: For over a decade. I'm getting old!

DC: How did you break into this industry?

WB: People kept telling me I should write articles for the magazines. I 
was a private trainer in the Boston area and had a good reputation for 
getting bodybuilders into shape. I used to do some local seminars and
people kept telling me I should send in some articles to the 
bodybuilding magazines. 

They felt I had a lot of knowledge I should share with people, so on a 
whim I sent in an article. After that, companies started contacting me to 
do consulting work and so on. One thing just seemed to build on the 
other. The rest as they say, is history. 

DC: How important is the consumption and proper balance of omega
fatty acids for losing weight and general health?

WB: In my view, extremely important, if not essential. It's a topic I 
have been writing about and talking about for a long time. I wrote 
the first article on flax oil and other lipids for fat loss in the 
bodybuilding mags way back when. I don't think a person can
 optimize fat loss or health without the proper use of EFAs, in 
particular, Omega-3 EFAs.

DC: In your experience what has been the most effective
 nutritional method to losing bodyfat?

WB: Higher protein, moderate fat of the right types in the right 
ratios, and moderate-low carbs based on the amount of lean 
body mass the person carries combined with smart weight 
training and aerobics. 

The use of certain supplements can also greatly enhance the 
fat loss process in may ways, such as increasing metabolism 
or blunting hunger, but most of the products sold for that 
purpose are over hyped or just plain worthless. 

It's about making smart choices as an educated consumer not 
jumping on the bandwagon for every new supplement that 
wants people to believe it will change their life over night.

DC: You have an e-book on the topic of fat loss supplements 
and diet. What is it about and who is it for and who is it not for?

WB: The book is designed to explain once and for the facts (i.e., 
what is it, what does it do, what does the research say, what 
does the real world say, dose, warnings, etc) about the weight 
loss nutrients already available, not necessarily to uncover 
new and novel compounds never seen before. 

My feeling is that the vast majority of people out there, say 
better than 90%, buying supplements still don't have a clue as
 to what works and what does not work regarding the diet 
supplements that already exist. 

If they did, there would not be so many bottles of junk sold now 
would there? 

Compared to the general public, bodybuilding types are a 
particularly well informed group, but the rest of the world is not. 
The news groups and my email box, are still filled with 
questions about pyruvate, chitosan, DHEA, and other products, 
so I know confusion is still rampant.

I felt those people could really benefit from an easy to read 
concise look at what is on the shelves already from someone 
they can trust to get the straight scoop. 

There is a ton of information about weight loss on the internet, 
and most of it is wrong. 

I do feel even most well informed people will still learn a few 
tricks they didn't know. It's not a diet book per se but it does
contain a diet and exercise plans. It's a look at weight loss 
nutrients combined with an easy to follow "Ten Tip Guide to 
Fat Loss" and people should realize that also. 

DC: Some people might say they can find the same type of
 information on the internet for free. Is that true?

WB: The answer would have to be yes and no. Let's be honest, 
you can find an opinion on virtually any topic on the net. If people 
are buying my book, it's because they want to know my opinion 
and experience with these supplements and diet techniques, 
which can't be found any other place on the net. 

The vast, and I do mean vast, majority of information and 
opinions on these things on the net is either wrong, or directly 
intended to sell you a product. 

If they want an unbiased source of easy to read information on 
weight loss supplements written by someone who knows the 
industry from the inside and has a decade or so of real world 
experience with these products, my book will deliver that. 

If they just want a basic opinion from God knows who with God 
knows what motive, a simple Yahoo search will accomplish that.

DC: Are carbs really as evil as the media makes them out to be?

WB: The main stream media is very pro carb really, so I don't 
see them making that claim. In my personal view, in addition to 
dealing with total calories, understanding carbs is essential to 
losing fat and keeping muscle, which should always be the goal 
of a person trying to lose weight, whether they be a bodybuilder 
or regular person trying to get into shape.

DC: I know you have worked with some of the worlds top athletes 
and military groups as well as the general population. Which do 
you find most satisfying? 

WB: Although working with athletes is interesting, I find it most 
rewarding when an average person has turned their life around 
with information I gave them via my articles or my books. 

I find it far more personally inspirational to get a letter or an 
email from some one who has lost 100lbs or more following my 
diet advice or what have you then helping an athlete break some 
personal goal or record. 

I recently got an email from someone who lost a brother in the 
911 attacks as a fire fighter. He went and became a fire fighter 
to follow in his brother's foot steps, and told me the information 
in the e-book really helped him with getting in shape to be a fire 
fighter. That really inspired me in a far greater way than say 
some athlete breaking a record. 

DC: I loved your e-book Diet Supplements Revealed, so don't take 
this question the wrong way. A few people told me they felt the 
book was on the short side. Can you comment on that?

WB: Honestly I think a person might feel that way as an after 
effect of the marketing of the more popular diet books. My intent 
was to write a concise easy to read guide to weight loss 
supplements on the market, not to do War and Piece. 

The e-book is around 200 pages. The assumption-that volume is 
what dictates quality is sheer folly. My goal with this e-book was 
not to pad this product and make it as long as possible. In fact, 
my goal was the reverse. I wanted to put the maximum amount 
of information possible in the least amount of words. 

If people take a good look at some of the most popular weight 
loss books on the market, they will find the vast majority of 
them contain very little actual information and literally hundreds 
of pages of recipes, pictures, and other information you could 
figure out yourself. 

I took a close look at one of the most popular weight loss books 
that was all the rage a few years ago, and by my count it had 
exactly 81 pages of actual text relating to its promise of "new" 
information on helping people lose weight. The rest of the 
book-another 168 pages-was dedicated to recipes, worthless 
charts, pictures, and trying to sell the reader on buying the 
authors line of supplements. 

Another issue people have to consider is that they get the
 updated version of the book no matter when they purchased 
it. "Free updates for life", in other words. 

Unlike a hard copy book, every time I have updated the e-book, 
everyone who purchased the earlier version gets the new 
version, so they never have to say "I wish I had waited until the 
new version to buy the book" as they often do with a hard copy 

So it does not matter of they purchased it last year, last week, 
or buy it tomorrow, they will have the most recent addition. In 
my view, that makes the e-book a bargain.

DC: OK, last question Will. If false or misleading advertising is 
so common in the magazines, how do they get away with it? 
Why do the mags print this when they know it's nonsense?

WB: The answer that is always there, money. Most of the 
information you will find on the 'net or magazines is 'generated' 
by the actual supplement companies themselves, that is, by 
the people who sell the stuff. 

They then have this information issued via certain magazines, 
web sites and other publications, PR firms, etc., yet most of it 
is, to be blunt, pure bullshit. False or misleading information 
designed only to sell the supplements. 

For the magazines, supplement companies are a major source 
of advertising revenue. How do I know this? Because I have 
been both an editor and writer for most of the top publications
 in the health/fitness/bodybuilding arena, have done consulting 
work for many of the top supplement companies. 

DC: Are all supplement companies full of BS? 

WB: No, but unless people become educated consumers, they 
will never know the difference and will be among the ignorant 
masses who get suckered into throwing their money at useless 

I can tell you the few supplement companies and supplement 
company owners that are honest and want to sell a good 
product are as frustrated as you are over the BS that is so 

DC: Why? 

WB: Because they get lost in the shuffle and lose out to marketing 
based companies who spend all their money on ads versus 
cience and well thought out formulas. 

DC: Wow, quite an honest answer Will! Thanks for the great interview.

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