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     FITNESS TIPS FOR 10/1/2003

What Does "Eating Clean" Really Mean?

The basics of nutrition that if you want to gain weight you eat 
more calories than during the course of the day than you 
actually use.  If you want to lose weight you must use more 
calories than you eat.  The complicated part of this is 
determining how the body responds to different types of 

There used to be a popular theory that a calorie is a calorie.  
Whether it comes from chicken breast or comes from 
chocolate chip cookies, your body sees both sets of calories 
the same.  While this theory may look good on paper it is

My personal experience is if I consume 3000 calories of 
"clean" food versus 300 calories from "junk" food, all other 
things being equal (workout duration, aerobics and 
recuperation) my body respond many times better on the 
clean food.

Your body will always function better if your daily calories 
come from "clean" wholesome foods, prepared as close to 
their natural state as possible.  Think about it.  All that 
sugar and fat (unclean food) going down your throat is 
like pouring mud down your bathroom sink and expecting 
the drain to work right.  

Eating "clean" means the following:

Fresh lean meat 
Complex carbohydrates 
Fresh Vegetables 
Fresh Fruit 
Nonfat dairy products 
The low-fat portion of of eggs (whites) 

Eating "clean" does not mean the following:

High fat foods 
Deep fried anything  
Regular salad dressings or mayonnaise 
Any food that is high in fat, sugar or salt

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