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             FITNESS TIPS FOR 1/22/2004           

The first person to win Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe and Mr. America. 

Bodybuilder Larry Scott Workout

Let's pick arms for example. Write down the best measurement you 
have ever gotten on your arms when pumped to the max.

Letís assume the best youíve ever taped is 16 and 1/8 inches. 
Tonight you are going to shoot for 16 1/4. (An extra 1/8th is all you 
can expect to get). Your goal is to get the best pump possible in the 
least amount of sets and reps. Try to keep your reps around 6 to 8 
with a few burns if needed.

Let's assume you have already done your biceps and you are now 
finishing up on triceps with your last set. You throw the tape around 
your arm and it measures 16 1/4. You are elated! You feel so good, 
you decide to do another set. Grinding out the last reps, and enduring 
delicious pain, you throw the tape around the arm again only to 
discover it has gone down to 16 1/8. Yes, it has actually shrunk. You 
have done one set too many. Yet it feels like your arm is bursting. You 
can't believe it has actually taped less than it did just one set ago, but 
it's true. You have over trained by one set. You can't tell it by looking 
and you can't tell by the feel, but the tape doesn't lie.

You have gone too far! The tape will tell you the magic number of 
sets that will give you the best possible pump. Don't over do it and 
don't under do it. The tape will tell you. Soon youíll get more 
sensitive to the exact number of sets you must do in order to get 
the maximum pump possible. This growth secret can be used on 
all body parts. It will give you maximum possible gains. You will 
begin to realize all the little things you do that impede progress. 
Things like staying up too late. Not eating right. As you get closer 
and closer to your maximum possible size, even little things like 
an argument will cost you gains.

Larry Scott Exercise

A System Of Aerobics That Left Scientists Scratching Their Heads  

Dr. Bernie Sorenson at the Aerobics Clinic in Dallas called me one day 
to share some exciting news. He told of a study reported by a group of 
Japanese scientists on cardiovascular fitness. He said, "Larry we have 
information showing... itís possible to get aerobicaly fit in just 3 minutes 
a day. Matter of fact, were finding itís as effective as those 30 minute 
sessions everyoneís been doing."

"Hereís How Itís Done."

"Itís quite simple actually. All you do is work at sprint pace for 20 
seconds then coast for 10 seconds and then repeat this cycle for 6 

"Just 20, 10 repeated 6 times. I know it sounds simple, but according 
to our testing thatís all you need in order to maintain excellent 
cardiovascular condition."

You can imagine how excited I was to hear this amazing news, 
especially when I found a study reported in the European Journal of 
Applied Physiology in 1996 which showed that Growth hormone 
response was 300% greater in athletes who used this (sprint-rest 
system) than in those who use the conventional long duration 

Youíll find this is more difficult than it sounds so start out gradually 
and work up to the ď20-10 X 6 systemĒ. This high-low intensity 
method of aerobic conditioning should not be used if you are over 
40 years of age and have not had a recent cardiac stress test. 

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