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         FITNESS TIPS FOR 2/11/2004               
An Interview With The "Muscle Nerd"
By Paul Becker

PB: Ok, I've gotta ask- what's with the name "Muscle Nerd"?

MN: Believe me, it wasn't MY doing.  I gained kind of a reputation 
at my local gym for being, well…a little "bookworm" when it came 
to my lifting program.  I would sit there with a pad of paper and 
write extensive notes after each and every set.  The local guys 
at the gym started teasing me that I was a "muscle nerd" and the 
name kind of stuck.

PB: Your new book, Optimum Anabolics, is causing quite a stir in 
the bodybuilding world - some rave reviews, some hurt feelings.  
Why do you think it's been so controversial?

MN: Actually, I expected the book to have the reaction it did - on 
both sides of the fence.  Most of my rave reviews come from 
guys who have simply been getting it "wrong", are "hardgainers" 
only making marginal gains or were plagued with plateaus.

The hurt feelings come from two places:

1.) self-proclaimed fitness "experts" who've dismissed the program 
without even testing it out; and 

2.) supplement retailers who don't want the public to believe you 
can get these kind of results without dumping tons of money on 
their products

PB: Does that mean that you are against bodybuilding 

MN: Oh, no- not at all.  There ARE a handful of products that can 
absolutely help you reach your goals - a HANDFUL.  I even include 
a chapter in the Optimum Anabolics e-book on the supplements 
that actually work and should be added to anyone's program.  But 
the other day, on a whim, I picked up a popular bodybuilding 
magazine and counted the number of ads for supplements in 
there - 139 ads!  Of course these companies want everyone to 
believe that supplements are their best bet for making the gains 
they're looking for…but they're simply NOT.  Most guys are relying 
too much on "magic pills" and less on the other 8 factors I identify 
in the Optimum Anabolics e-book.  This NEVER provides significant 
growth - period.

PB: What is so different about the Optimum Anabolics e-program 
compared with other programs?

MN: After several years of testing, I've discovered a unique 
phenomenon in the body's anabolic response that actually allows 
you to "program" your muscles like a computer to grow beyond 
their genetic limitations.  The step-by-step process I reveal in my 
program has NEVER been discovered before and isn't written about 
in any other books.  But best of all…IT WORKS!  There are some 
really good programs out there that can take you most of the way 
toward your goals, and I've even incorporated some of those "best 
practices", but it wasn't until I discovered this "programming" 
process that I really made the gains I was looking for.

PB: Can you explain a little about this muscle "programming" 

MN: Sure!  It's really not all that complicated in concept since most 
of us are already familiar with the same process when it comes to 
dieting, so I'll use that analogy...

Let's say someone is trying to lose weight and goes on a 
"starvation" diet.   While they will initially lose weight, after a while 
the body will realize it's being "starved" and will do everything it 
can to actually hold on to as much fat as possible for use as 
emergency fuel.  When the dieter no longer sees the loss in 
weight, they end up giving up on the diet and go back to eating 
"normal" again.  The problem is that the body doesn't know when 
it will be "starved" again so it will store away even MORE fat in 
preparation for any future calorie restrictions.  This person 
literally "programmed" their body to get FATTER!

My Optimum Anabolics program uses a similar concept to actually 
"trick" the body into thinking it needs to OVER-produce MUSCLE.  
This means faster, bigger gains with no plateaus.  

PB: Is this "programming" process difficult to follow?

MN: Absolutely not.  The "programming" process is very simple 
to understand in concept, and although it's a detailed process, I've 
laid every element out step-by-step so that a child could follow it 
with ease.  However, there are a few weeks where the exercise 
and diet requirements will make you work hard…but then if building 
muscle could be made sitting on the couch eating potato chips, 
EVERYONE would look like Arnold, right? 

PB: What kinds of results have you seen?

MN: I've seen some amazing results - not only with my own 
progress, but also from the people who have signed up for the 
program.  The feedback I love most are from guys who write me 
saying that they've been lifting for 20 years or so and have 
NEVER had this kind of response from their muscles.  Although I 
have to say that my favorite letter came from a 65 year old gym 
teacher who said that his wife couldn't keep her hands off of his 
"new body".  It's a good thing the Optimum Anabolics program 
creates a testosterone surge - he's going to need it!

PB: A lot of subscribers to this newsletter and those who visit 
our site are young and just getting started in bodybuilding.  
What advice do you have for them?

MN: First - learn the basics. It's awful tempting to pick up a 
muscle mag at the store and start hitting the gym thinking 
you're armed with all the "advanced" info you need to get big.  
Let me tell you, there are plenty of "experienced" lifters out 
there who STILL can't get the basics right.  I see them all the 
time in every gym.  Their form is sloppy, they're doing the 
wrong exercises - you name it. These are the same guys who 
are destined to keep the same old body year after year.  Trust 
me - I've been there!  This is why I decided to include the 
no-bull information on the "what", "how", and "when" of 
exercising and dieting in the Optimum Anabolics e-book.  
Without this information, NO program will provide the gains 
you're looking for.

Second - …supplements (the RIGHT supplements) should be 
added to your program only AFTER you've learned the correct 
way to eat and lift a weight through the air.  This is where a lot of 
guys fail.  They get lured into thinking that all they have to do is 
pop a "magic pill" or drink some snake oil and their body will 
magically transform before their eyes.  Not so I'm afraid.  Eat 
right and exercise right and your body will respond.  Supplements 
may give you an added edge toward your gains, but their NOT the 
foundation of your program.

And third - leave your ego at home.  Forget about loading massive 
amounts of weight on the bar to impress yourself and everyone 
around you.  When you're flopping your body around like a fish 
out of water, trying to hoist that over-burdened bar into the air, 
you're not impressing anyone.  Drop the amount of weight, use 
correct form, and the body you end up with will be what impresses 
everyone around you!

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