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     FITNESS TIPS FOR 3/30/2004 

Deadlift: No Excuses! 
By Alfred  Page 

Like many trainees, I began strength training in the 'conventional'
manner, recieving all or most of my instruction through the media 
hype magazines. I was very niaive to say the least and made 
some serious training errors like multiple exercises, poor form 
and silly 'no-carb' diets. I have trained with abbreviated methods 
now for over a year. I train less but harder, sleep more and eat a 
lot more good food. As a result I 'GROW MORE'.

However I feel far and away my biggest mistake was not training 
the Deadlift exercise seriously and progressively. Previously I had 
convinced myself the exercise wasn't for me because it hurt my 
back and knees where I have slight limitations. In fact the honest 
truth was that I was using poor form and the exercise was just too 
damn hard! I wanted an excuse! After careful observation of my 
body and progression and lengthy study of hardgainer related 
materials I began to seriously train the Deadlift. After four months of 
serious application and hard work (using now correct form) I have
progressed in both size and strength. I can confidently state that in 
order to progress in muscle and might one must use (health permitting) 
the major lower body exercises. Avoiding these exercises is pitiful if 
you are not restricted by health issues. My 'weak mindedness' kept 
me trapped in a weak body.

Currently I train upper body (weighted Dips, OverHead barbell press, 
chins) on wednesday and lower body (TrapBar deadlift,a partial 
modified straddle lift and crunches) on Saturdays. I do 2x8 reps each 
and add the 'breathing pull-over' after deadlifts. My long term goals 
by the age of 25 are Deadlift 400lbsx1, Dip+100lbsx6, Bench 
300lbsx1 and Overhead press bodyweight x1. I am a way off but 
averaging 0.5kg closer per week or two.

Deadlift Workout Routine

Important Reminder

Always use impeccably good form and correct technique.  If deadlifting 
for the first time, use only the bar until you master the technique, then
add weight slowly.  Here is a brief outline of good form:
1.  Back straight, arms straight, feet shoulder-width apart facing 
2.  Keeping the shoulders back, breathe in and bend at the knees first 
followed by the hips (feel the weight through the heels).
3.  Shrug the shoulders vertically against the bar, squeeze slowly off 
the ground pushing with the legs (through the heels) and pulling with 
the back.
4.  While ascending, keep the shoulders pulled back, breathe out and 
imagine pushing your heels through the floor.

NOTE:  Keep the back flat throughout -  not arched or rounded.

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