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        FITNESS TIP FOR 7/8/2004         

Steve Reeves Workout - How Steve Reeves Trained

Steve Reeves had a classic physique body that is still admired to this day. To many it is still the greatest physique of all time. What's even more impressive is that Steve won the Mr. America, Mr. World, and Mr. Universe titles with out ever using stroids. His top form measurements were: height 6'1" weight 215lb shoulder breadth 23 1/2 in neck 18 1/4 in chest 52 in waist 29 in hips 38 in biceps 18 1/4 in forearms 14 3/4 in wrist 7 1/4 in thigh 26 in calf 18 1/4 in ankle 9 1/4 in. Note that his calf, biceps and neck are the same measurement. He did this deliberately based on the concept of Grecian ideal proportions. He also worked to get his shoulders as wide as possible and his waist as small as possible in order to exaggerate his upper body width. He didn't do shrugs or side bends as he thought large traps took away from the visual illusion of shoulder width and large obliques thickened the waist, spoiling his v-taper. Steve Reeves Training Methods I found one of Steve Reeves training routine in an old booklet and was happy to see he trained briefly, infrequently and intensely to make the fastest progress. He trained full body workouts three times a week, doing about 3 sets for each exercise. He choose mostly basic exercises that worked the part of the muscle he wanted to bring out. Steve Reeves once wrote that 12 reps is the ideal number, but never at the expense of good form! Of course he had great genetics, but he also trained the right for a natural bodybuilder. Exercises of Steve Reeves 1. Shoulders - Press Behind Neck 2. Thighs - Hack Squat (toes pointed at 'ten and two' heels closed) 3. Calves - Toe Raise (on block of wood at least 6" thick) 4. Chest - Dips on parallel bars 5. Back - Chin behind neck 6. Triceps - Pressdown on lat machine 7. Biceps - Incline dumbell curl

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