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       Fitness Tips For 2/9/2005   
Body Fat Percentage Test Online 

A Simple Way To Test Body Fat Percentage At Home

It is important to know, not just how much weight you are 
losing, but how much of your body is muscle and how much 
is fat. You want to lose fat while maintaining or even 
building muscle. So, you need some way to keep track of 
your body fat percentage.

The following is a simple method to determine current 
body fat percentage and lean mass percentage.

For this test you will need someones help and a ruler 
that reads in millimeters (mm). 

Step 1. Hang your right arm at your side and have someone
find the point halfway between your shoulder and elbow, 
on the rear (triceps side) of your arm.

Step 2. With his/her thumb and forefinger have him/her 
pinch a fold of skin and fat away from the muscle.

Step 3. Have him/her measure the thickenss of the skin 
pinched. (Do not rest the ruler against the skin.)

Step 4. Have him/her do steps 2 and 3 several times and 
get the average reading.

Step 5. Find your body fat percentage by using the chart 

Fat Percentage Chart

Skinfold Thickness in mm    body fat % men    body fat % women

	6                   	5-9           	   8-13

       13                   	9-13          	  13-18

       19                      13-18              18-23

       25                      18-22              23-28

       38                      22-27              28-33

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