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       Fitness Tips For 3/9/2005   

Vegetarian Fast Food Restaurant Guide 
by Sarah Bradham

Although this list does not contain specifically vegetarian 
and vegan restaurants, most have a good selection of 
vegetarian items. It is more difficult to get vegan items, 
but if you ask the right questions you can usually come up 
with a full meal. If you are unsure as to how an item might 
be prepared, don't hesitate to ask. Many restaurants won't 
state in the menu that vegetables are sauteed in butter, or 
a chicken stock is used as a base in a vegetable soup. Often 
times items are presented as vegetarian and vegan when in 
fact they are not. Remember, most restaurants are ready and 
willing to accommodate your needs, so if you don't see 
something on the menu ask if it would be possible to make a 
special request.

Fast Food Real Vegetarian

Au Bon Pain: Vegetarians can choose from a wide variety of 
muffins, cookies, sandwiches and soups. Vegans are pretty 
much limited to bagels and fresh fruit.

Bruegger's Bagels: Excellent sandwiches as well as numerous 
varieties of bagels. They make a wonderful humus that tastes 
great on a bagel with a little lettuce and tomato.

California Pizza Kitchen: Wide selection of gourmet veggie 
pizzas. The crust, unfortunately, is not vegan.

Denny's: More choices for the vegetarian including: pancakes, 
cheese quesadillas and a wide variety of desserts. Vegans 
can find fresh fruit on the menu, but the meals always come 
with baked potatoes and vegetables which can be ordered 

Domino's Pizza: Pizza is an easy item for vegetarians. Simply 
load up the pie with vegetables. Vegans can also indulge 
because Domino's has several crusts which are vegan.

Little Caesar's: Offers a vegan crust.

Ponderosa: Vegetarians and Vegans alike will have no problem 
finding items on the salad bar/buffet. Most of their 
vegetables are prepared without butter.

Subway: Individual chains have the option of carrying 
vegetarian and vegan fare. Currently the_ZO options for 
vegetarians including a veggie burger sandwich in many 
locations. Vegans beware - the sub rolls contain whey in 
some locations so make sure to ask for a list of 

Taco Bell: Request to substitute the meat with beans and 
most everything on the menu becomes vegetarian. Vegans 
should stick to tostadas or hard tacos. Some of the 
chains use tortillas that contain whey.

TGI Friday's: A great veggie burger for vegetarians 
(not vegan) and a wonderful steamed veggie platter.

Wendy's: Restaurants with a superbar have many vegetarian 
items including pasta, beans, bread choices, fruit and 
vegetables. Their topped baked potatoes are also good 
vegetarian choices. Vegans will find items on the superbar, 
but ask how the food is prepared - it may be prepared 
using animal products. 

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