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       Fitness Tips For 3/16/2005      

Supersets for Fast Muscle Growth
by Steve Pulcinella

Supersets: some of you have heard of them; some of you are 
doing them. But are all of you doing them the way that they were 
intended to be done? 

Bodybuilding Supersets Routine

I have seen people in the gym supersetting two different exercises 
a time but the problem lies in the fact that they are doing them for 
the same bodypart. The original intent of supersetting was to work 
two bodyparts; one movement for a particular muscle going 
directly into a movement for the opposing muscle. Example: curls 
(biceps) and triceps pushdowns (triceps). 

Arnold and Supersets

Arnold Schwarzenegger claimed to have invented this style of 
training to get more work done in a shorter period of time. While 
Arnold's claim to supersetting may be exaggerated, he did use the
training style effectively. And I do know it will allow you to get an 
intense workout in a brief period. So, if you are looking for a way to 
jumpstart your workout or break through a plateau, give 
supersetting a try. 

Superset Workout

Let me give you an example of a weekly  routine using primarily 
exercises supersets:

Monday- Legs
Leg extensions / leg curls 4 sets
Squats / stiff leg deadlifts 5 sets 
Standing calf raises 5 sets

Wednesday- Chest, Shoulders and Back
Flat benches / lat pulldowns 4 sets
Dumbbell inclines / pully rows 4 sets
Dips / shrugs 3 sets
Dumbbell presses / hyperextensions 4 sets
Dumbbell side raises 4 sets 

Friday- Biceps and Triceps
Barbell curls / triceps extensions 3 sets
Dumbbell curls / overhead dumbbell extensions 3 sets
Preacher curl machine / triceps pushdowns 3 sets

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