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       Fitness Tips For 3/23/2005 

Bodybuilding and Fitness Calorie Count Diet Plan
by Miss Abs

You want the body.

You will count reps in the gym. 

You won't count calories!

Has it been a while since you have made a real difference in your physique? 
Are you twelve weeks out and prepared to give up some of that muscle that 
you created all winter? Want to know the about the ultimate growth 

Food and calories, there is it, the answer plain simple and to the point. Ok a 
little basic for some but think about it, how often do you go to the gym day in 
and out and watch people who never seem to change regardless of their 
efforts in the gym. The problem lies within the diet or lack of. Diet doesn't 
always mean trying to lose body fat, we need to think of diet as the vehicle
to accomplish the goals. After all aren't you there to make a difference in 
your physique. You can't "get" where you want to go unless you know 
where you are!

You diet for growth, fat loss, and just general health and well being. A diet 
doesn't mean starvation, limited foods and choices, endless weight gainer 
shakes, a diet just means that you have a well designed plan to accomplish 
the goals for your physique. It is a plan to get you the results the more 
energy you put into your "diet" the faster the results will happen for you. I 
have had some of my biggest muscle growth while dieting for fat loss. 
Some where someone has convinced you that you can't grow in a lean 
body. It is not the lean body that doesn't allow the growth, it is lack of 
calories in the right percentages that prevent it. 

A "diet" ( plan) is a basic foundation for the time frame or goal you are 
currently working on. Once you have the basic plan done, you can and 
always will just make simple modifications depending on your next goal.

What is a calorie? Is it just simply a unit of energy, that is it! Something 
we all wished we had more of energy. We are able to pick and choose 
our energy units from protein, carbohydrates and fat. Each of course 
having it owns sub macro. I am not going to get into that, I just want you 
to have a easy to understand plan to grow muscle in the fastest simplest 
method. I know many of you are can tell me to the number how many 
calories you think you are eating, however I go back to my original
 question, is your physique changing the way you want it to in the time 
frame you set your goal on? I find that many athletes are actually 
eating less food than they really think they are. Food must come from 
actually "hardcore " calories of proteins and carbs and fat properly 
balanced for your respective sport.

It is really a simple matter of determining how many calories you are 
eating and in what percentages are you taking in the energy units 

If you are eating for growth obviously the more growth units you need, 
protein. Endurance the more energy units you need, carbs. And of 
course the dreaded fat units remember fat is not the enemy when 
factored into a well-designed plan, it is just another source of energy 
for our bodies to use.

The process: 
Determine your current caloric intake, on the three energy units, protein, 
arbs and fats. Calculate the percentage of each unit on the total. 
Example: 2500 calorie diet with 375 grams of protein equals 60% of the 
diet coming from protein.

It looks like this: 375 x 4 = 1500, grams converted to calories then 
divided the calories by the total, 60%. Do this for carbs and fats as well 
against the total calories.

Once understand how you are taking in your energy or growth units it is 
very easy to map out a plan of attack for your goals and make adjustments 
as needed.

It is not that difficult it only takes a calculator and knowing what you are 
currently eating that is not getting you where you want to be and 
designing a new plan (diet) from there adjusting the percentage of energy 
and growth units for your specific sport and goals.

You plan your workouts, count your reps and poundage. On any given 
second can tell someone what your one rep bench max is, add the missing 
link to your success, count your calories and know your percentages of 
fuel that you use and require for your body not anyone else's body.
Don't let another meal go by that isn't calculate for your personal physique 

Train Hard and Count your calories!

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