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       Fitness Tips For 4/13/2005  

Fun Cardio Workouts

Fun Ways To Do Cardio  

Ok, many people find exercise boring; this doesn't have to be the case 
with you! There are many ways of keeping cardio fun, here are some 
Have a Training Partner! Have a friend exercise with you. 

Walk/Run/Jog with your dog. Not only is it fun, but you get to meet 
people too. 

Play sports such as paintball or Airsoft. Not only does it require many 
people to play but the thought of having a paintball or a plastic BB 
hitting you in the head makes you run pretty fast when being shot at! 
Best of all you can play for hours and you won't notice how much you've 
run! And believe me you run a lot! 

Exercise with your favorite music! Any type of music will work, it will 
keep your mind away from being tired and you ll feel more energetic. 

Watch TV while doing stationary exercises like stationary bike if you're 
doing it at home. 

And why just do the same exercise without adding a spark to it? Invent 
a game with a cardio workout! Not only will it be fun, but someone else 
will be there with you, your only limit is your imagination! 

Playing games such as basketball, paintball, football, tennis, 
racquetball, water polo, etc. Are great fun, not only for you but to 
your friends also, you won't feel like you're doing exercise because
your mind is set on it being a game when you're actually burning 
hundreds of calories! 

Sing a song in your head while exercising, if you have a nice voice why
not sing? In a low voice of course.  

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