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           Exercise Basics
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       Fitness Tips For 4/20/2005   

Aerobic Fitness Basics

Do's & Don'ts of Cardio: 
Relax before and after every Cardio session. 

When jumping rope, don't jump as high as you can just jump high 
enough for the rope to pass under your feet. 

When running, take short brakes every few meters, if you feel your
heart is way too jumpy and have troubles breathing stop and rest 
for a few minutes, relax, have a drink of water and if you feel 
fine continue. 

Don't wear formal shoes, heels or similar shoes. Always wear tennis 
shoes, sneakers or similar type of shoes.  

Don't skip on a hard surface. You might hurt your tendons and 

If you feel dehydrated drink water until you're satisfied, but not 
too much. When jogging, walking or other similar activity always 
take water with you. 

Don't over train this is sort of bad for you, just do as much as 
your body can take not over. 

Clothes are important; they depend on whatever Cardio activity 
you're doing. For example, don't wear jeans when running; wear a 
t-shirt not a dress shirt for Gods sake! And remember that the 
clothes you wear shouldn't be tight or you'll feel uncomfortable. 

Equipment is also important; make sure you have the right 
equipment. Don't take a soccer ball to a basketball game! 

Try working out in the shade out of the sun, trust me you'll feel 
much more comfortable and you ll be away from the harmful UV rays. 

Wear sunglasses if doing an outdoor exercise, for some reason 
you'll feel less hot with them on. 

The most important thing, have motivation! Let it be a special 
someone, a boyfriend or a girlfriend, the way you look, etc. 
Doesn't matter, make sure you have one and you'll see that 
you'll work harder for your goal! 

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