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       Fitness Tips For 4/27/2005  

Cardio Exercise Benefits: 

Ok, Cardio has more purposes than just burning fat: 
  It Increases your lung capacity, it will make you breath much 

  It helps you sleep better than before. 

  It helps you feel good about yourself. 

  It helps you burn fat and Calories fast; and even faster with 
  just a proper diet.* 

  It will help you reduce any stress you have. 

  Cardio will reduce the risk of you having a heart attack, high  
  blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. 

  Your heart will be able to work better because cardio will make
  it strong so  it doesn t have to pump blood as hard as it had 
  to before. Remember your heart is a muscle too. 

  If you lift weights, then Cardio is a must, it will cut your 
  muscles, make you more defined and will i ncrease your s tamina
  and endurance. The heart will  be able to pump more blood into 
  your muscles and you'll recover faster from each workout. 
* Remember that in order to lose fat by cardio you must follow a 
proper diet; otherwise the fat you just lose with your cardio 
activity will be regained. 

Cardio Workout: 

This is an example of what you can do for a routine, and it 
doesn't necessarily have to be like this, remember to do what 
you like for cardio exercises, so here it is for one week, 
change the routine as you please: 
Monday: Low Intensity, Long Duration Cardio (walking, stationary 
bicycle, etc). 20 Min. 
Tuesday: Low Intensity, Long Duration Cardio. 30 Min. 
Wednesday: Medium Intensity, Medium Duration (running, swimming, 
etc.) 10 Min. 
Thursday: Day off. (You can do crunches, 20-50 to start getting 
your abs in shape). 
Friday: Low Intensity, Long Duration Cardio. 30 Min. 
Saturday: Day off. 
Sunday: High Intensity, Short Duration (Stationary bike, 
sprinting, etc), 5 Minutes. 

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