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       Fitness Tips For 5/11/2005 

Types of Cardio Exercise 
Aerobic exercise comes in seven types: 
1.) Low Intensity, Long Duration Cardio: This type of Cardio 
requires 40-60% of your maximum heart rate and it involves sort
of low activity cardio such as walking, jogging, going for a 
ride in a bicycle, etc. They're relatively easy exercises; the 
catch is that it has to be continuous and long which means you 
must keep going at it almost non-stop for about 30-45 minutes. 
If you're just starting cardio or exercising this is the 
exercise activity you're looking for because its easy to follow, 
and if you have a treadmill or a stationary bike you're all 
set to do it all in the comfort of your own home! This type 
of cardio is also good for burning fat; it isn't as vigorous 
or demanding as other exercises yet it helps you burn fat as a 
steady yet slower pace but it works! This is good for obese 
people to lose fat because it isn't hard, and basically they're 
just starting exercising. 
2.) Medium Intensity, Medium Duration: This Cardio requires 
almost 70% of your maximum heart rate capacity; it usually 
requires you to do aerobic exercises and it can be used for 
losing fat (well, actually all can be used for that too). It 
is harder which means it isn't long because you use twice as 
much energy, but it's well worth it (Remember, no pain, no gain!), 
it will usually take you 20-40 Minutes a day and you can do this 
Cardio form after you ve succeeded in the Low Intensity Cardio, 
if you start from here you'll find it a bit difficult if you 
haven't exercised before. This sort of Cardio form can be 
basketball, football, or other sport such as those, running, 
swimming, etc. You will breathe heavily which is this forms 
characteristic, heavy breathing because of a harder workout. 
3.) High Intensity, Short Duration: This type of Cardio as said 
is Intensive, it requires about 80-85% of your Maximum Heart rate, 
it is short though, 5-20 Minutes is enough but it is vigorous, 
the performance you will use depends on your fitness level and 
sometimes genetics. Remember that the time you spend on this type 
of cardio form depends on your fitness level and endurance. This 
type of exercises can be running at a continuous rate, stationary 
bike is preferred for this form of cardio because you can adjust 
the resistance to a hard level. 
4.) Aerobic Interval Training: This form of Cardio requires you 
do a routine of Medium and High intensity Cardio at first 
alternating with a small rest of low intensity cardio. A good 
thing to keep in mind is that with this form of cardio you can 
alternate the intensity of your workout so you can keep up with 
yourself. Just remember to work hard enough to get a good workout 
but not too hard so that you don't have to stop. 
5.) Anaerobic Interval Training: This form of cardio is simple, 
and will take place with High-Medium Intensity cardio, the catch 
is that the time you do your High Intensive workout will be the 
time to rest and then start again until you've completed the 
number of sets (i.e. 10 Minutes workout, 10 minutes rest, 10 
minutes workout, 10 minute rest, etc). 
6.) Fartlek Training: This means Play in Swedish, it is not a 
game or play, but it is sort of fun because you mix Low, Medium 
and High intensity workouts, for example you can walk for 10-20 
minutes, jog for 10-5 minutes and then sprint/run for 3-2 minutes 
then start walking again. It s fairly simple right? And it s fun
to top it all. And don't worry; people will NOT look at you 
funny when doing it outside. 
7.) Circuit Training: As you might have guessed already this 
is sort of aerobic weight training. For this you must use a 
variation of exercises using a fairly small weight, but you 
must do each exercise for a period of time without failing to 
do the reps which you have put as your goal for a period of 
time and you will do each exercise continuously with a set 
time interval. This type of cardio is a good form of mixing 
weight training and cardio at the same time, and it's 
perfect if you don't have time to do both, and to top it 
off it works your entire body instead of just a certain place! 
*Remember, all of these types of aerobic exercise can be done 
using a machine (i.e. Treadmill, stationary bike, etc.) as well 
as without them, uses whatever is more comfortable to you, and 
remember not to over train. Beginners start with Low Intensity 
Cardio, you will be surprised at how well it works. 

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