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No More Pain!

Do you if you suffer from any of these conditions?

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* Rheumatism           * Burns
* Sore Feet            * Etc

Naturally Painless is a revolutionary advance that achieves
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       Fitness Tips For 6/8/2005 

Eat Yourself Slim

The theory behind slimming is relatively straight forward to 
understand. As you take in food from your daily diet, you 
gain nutrients and energy. If you burn off more energy in a 
day than your diet can provide, your body taps into its supply 
of fat to give you the extra energy needed to function properly. 
Over time, the fat levels contained within your body will be 
depleted - causing a reduction in the size of the arms, legs 
and a slimmer waist line.

In order to promote this process to its maximum you must consider
a number of areas. The amount of exercise or physical activity 
you undertake each week must be increased to burn off excess 
energy and fat from the body. 

A second point which needs consideration is the exact types of
foods we need to eat and which foods we need to leave out. 
For example, the milk you buy may need to change from Whole 
Milk to a Semi-skimmed variety. Cheeses will need to be changed
to low-fat soft cheese and butter, greasy foods, sugary foods,
syrups, jams, white bread and white flour should be avoided 
altogether. The section on Eating to Develop will give you a 
list of the positive and negative foods available.

If you are serious about a slimming diet, you may wish to look 
into the following areas:

Consider just how much weight you want to loose and maintain a 
sensible healthy diet until your goal is reached.

Choose a selection of exercises which you will be happy to 
perform three times a week. 

Try to find a good calorie chart which will show you which foods
contain what calories. This will help you choose your meals 
and protect you from choosing high calorie foods. 

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