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       Fitness Tips For 6/22/2005 

How Many Calories Do I Need a Day?

Use this simple formula to estimate your calorie requirements:

1. Change your weight in pounds to kilograms: Your weight 
divided by 2.2

2. Your basal metabolic rate is approximately 1 calorie per 
kilogram per hour. Multiply your weight in kilograms by the 24 
hours in a day. This is the number of calories you burn just 
being alive each day.

3. Now factor in activity: Multiply your calories needed per 
day (from #2 above) by the following percentages, depending 
on your activity level:

* Light activity: 50% to 70%
* Moderate: 65% to 80%
* Heavy: 90% to 120%

If you sit at a desk for your job, and workout 30 minutes per 
day, this would be light activity. If your job involves more 
motion and you are active in addition to your workout (you take 
stairs, walk to work, do alot of housework, etc.), this would 
be moderate. Heavy activity would be for construction workers, 
athletes, etc. Most Americans are in the "light activity" level.

4. Multiply the percentages in #3 and you'll get a general 
range of calories needed for your daily activity. Add this to 
the number of calories needed to be alive each day. 

Say you weigh 150 pounds. Divide by 2.2 to get 68 kilograms.
68 times 24 hours = 1632 calories needed per day for basic function.
Let's say you're activity is light:
1632 times 50% = 816
1632 times 70% = 1142

Add this to basic calories per day to get a range of 2448 to 2774 
calories needed per day. Now compare this to what you are really
eating. To lose those extra pounds, you'll need to burn more 
calories than you are eating, either by exercising more, or 
eating less.

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