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      Fitness Tips For 7/6/2005 

Effective Ab Workout
By John Cleary

If you turn on the TV, each day you will be bombarded with the latest 
and greatest exercise device that promises to magically shed those 
pounds in only ten minutes a day. Abdominal contraptions seem to 
be the biggest seller of all the machines. You've seen them; 
space-age-looking springs that you push with your gut, or a rolling 
device that is supposed to help make your sits easier. These 
machines are really not needed. The only thing that is going to 
reduce your waistline is honest hard work. Those machines simplify 
your workout and make your effort less effective. If you want to really 
hit your abs, try this. Take about three days a week and alternate a 
group of ab exercises such as crunches, side crunches, and seated 
crunches. No machine necessary.

Let's take a further look at an effective ab workout. To really hit the 
abs and slim your waistline you, will need to develop your abs as 
well as burn fat. You can have the most developed abs in the world, 
but you won't see them if they are buried under a lot of fat. To work 
out the abs effectively, you will need to do a combination of ab and 
aerobic exercise, at least 3 to 4 days a week. I recommend you do 
one-hour workouts split in half: 30 minutes for abs and 30 minutes 
for aerobics. The following exercises should be done for three to 
four sets of 20 reps each.

Crunches - Works the overall ab area. Lay on the floor with your 
knees up. Cross your arms over your body and slowly crunch 
your body up.

Side crunches - Works your side oblique muscles. Start out as 
you would a crunch, but instead of going straight up, twist your 
right arm towards your left knee and vice versa.

Seated crunches - Works your lower abs. Sit on a bench, close to 
the edge. Support your weight with your hands. Tilt back a bit and 
extend your legs out with a slight bend and slowly pull legs to 

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