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      Fitness Tips For 7/20/2005 

What Is The Best Time To Do Cardio?

Cardio first?

When you do cardio training first, you deplete most of your glucose 
and glycogen stores within the first 30 minutes approximately).  
After that, your body turns to it's backup energy source...fat stores 
and muscle tissue.  If I did my 30 minute cardio session before 
working out, I'd lose that window of time to really target fat burning.

Burn fat, not muscle tissue

The key to targeting fat stores rather than muscle tissue is to 
make sure you're feeding your body the nutrition (food) it requires 
throughout the day.  Also, avoid marathon cardio sessions to 
compensate for a bad diet (like so many people seem to do).

Cardio after?

An intense workout will blow through most of your glycogen stores 
within an hour, so when you hit cardio post-workout, your body 
will begin to draw from it's backup energy source...fat stores.  
Now you're achieving exactly what you want  a solid muscle 
gaining workout with powerful explosive energy, then to target 
fat burning with a cardio session.

The Bottom Lline: Workout first, cardio to finish!

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