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      Fitness Tips For 8/3/2005 

Muscle Confusion Workouts, Exercises and Training Routines
By Tom Frase 

These are advanced techniques and should be used with caution 
and supervision if necessary.  Please understand that if 
proper care is not taken, injury could result.

100's. Take 20% of your maximum and go for 100 reps. This works 
well with bench press, dumbbell press, shoulder raises, shoulder
press, triceps pushdown, seated rows, and lat pulldowns. Ex: If 
your Bench press one-rep maximum is 250 pounds, strip the bar to
50 pounds and go for 100 reps. You may not feel the burn until 
you reach the 75th rep. If you fail to get to 100, stop at the 
failing point and wait the amount of time it would take you to 
make it to 100.  If you stopped at 65 reps, wait 35 seconds and 
continue.  100 total reps - 65 reps = 35 seconds rest. This 
technique is the hardest to get used to, but the results are 

Skip a bodypart for a month. Do not do any exercises with chest
or a different bodypart for a month. Continue to do the workouts on
the other bodyparts, just give the one particular bodypart a rest.
This will keep you in a workout state of mind and you will give a
specific bodypart a breather.

Skip a specific particular exercise within a bodypart workout. For
example do not bench for month continue to do all other chest
exercises, just give your body a rest from the specific exercise.

All day one bodypart workout.  Good for Saturdays or Sundays. In
the morning start your bodypart and get in a good workout. During the
rest of the day, continue to hit that bodypart. If you workout at the
gym, you may be limited to the effectiveness. Take the chest workout
for instance; get in a good workout in the morning and then the rest
of the day do pushups to continue the burn.

Intermix bodyparts. If you workout chest and triceps in a
particular workout, change to chest and biceps or chest and back.
This once again will alter the body's routine. The result will be a
better burn.

Interchange movements within the workout (Supersets). After you
bench, get up and grab a bar and do some arm curls or chin-ups.  
Doing opposite movements work well together and will give you a 
different kind of burn.

Workout the same bodyparts the next day. One of my favorites.
Workout legs as you normally do, the next day do about 75-80% of the
workout you did the day before. This back to back workout targets a
specific bodypart and puts demand on a muscle group that it normally
does not receive.

One Movement 12-15 sets.  Take the bench press for instance,
instead of doing 4-6 sets, perform 12-15 sets.  You will 
see/feel the difference around the 10th set, which will 
continue until your final set.  Start out slightly lower 
then your normal weights.

Chest-Arms-Chest. Do your normal chest workout and then 
do your secondary workout ( biceps, triceps, or back ).  
After your secondary workout, go back and hit your chest 
again.  Listen to your body; pick weights and/or repetitions 
that give you the best results.

Bench-Incline-Bench.  Do your normal bench routine, go to 
the incline press and do your normal routine, then go back 
and do the bench press again.  By doing this you break 
your regular work out.

Change the time of your workouts.  If you workout in the 
mornings change to evenings and vice-versa.  This will 
alter your mind set more than your muscle, but it can be 

Split up the workout during the day.  Do 65% of your chest
workout in the morning and than do another 65% of your 
chest workout in the evening.  You will force your muscles
to adjust to a different set of rules.

Change your workout days.  If you workout 3 days and then 
have a day off, change to 2 days on, one day off or 3 days 
on and 2 days off.  The key here is to alter the pattern.  
Usually day to day life will alter this for us, but if you
are in a rut, a subtle change may give your body extra rest
or pump it up a notch for those diehards out there.

Calves and Abs.  You can work these two muscle groups almost
everyday.  Work them into your other workouts and they may 
help youovercome a bad day in the gym.  I have found that 
when I work my calves, I can get a very good burn and it puts 
my mind in a better mode for the rest of my workout.  Good 
athletes have very strong abs.  An examples is: good boxers 
and baseball players both have strong abs to help transfer 
power generated in the legs to the upper body.

Grip Placement.  Changing the grip on the bars will force
different angles and difference muscle groups to be effected
in the workout.  The narrower the grip in bench press or 
chin-ups is different from wider grips.

Change degrees of the lift.  Shoulder raises and arm curls 
will work well with this idea.  In shoulder raises, alter 
the angles at which you raise the dumbbell.  Directly in 
front of your body or at a 90 degree angle.  Or doing the 
raise from a full swing to only the top of the swing.

Change the type of weights that you use.  Go from free 
weights to nautilus.  This will alter your angles and will 
change the "feel" you get from lifting.  It will feel 
different, but the whole idea is to change the way our 
muscles are worked.

Dips, Pull-ups, and Squats.  I am a firm believer in these 
three exercises.  If I could pick the three best exercises
in to do, these three would be at the top of the list. 
They hit almost every muscle group and you can almost 
improvise each one without weights.  I strongly suggest 
that caution be placed on doing squats.  The body takes a 
beating while performing squats, I suggest at the most 2 
days a week with one day being a "light" day while the 
other day is all out.

Combine some of the above Principles.  Use one or two 
different techniques.  Some of this will be very new to 
your workouts and over time you may become use to the 
grind that these techniques provide.  Combining two or 
more may really change your workout and confuse the
muscles to grow and burn.

These are suggestions that I found to be useful to me.  
The helped me overcome my dependence on my bench press 
and I have continued to achieve my goals.  People are 
different.  All of the items listed above are guidelines, 
you may find it necessary to modify percentages, weights 
and repetitions to achieve individual goals.  

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