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      Fitness Tips For 8/24/2005

Cardiovascular Conditioning 

How Often Should You Exercise? 

When it comes to cardio, it's up to you and your goals how much you 
do and how often. For beginners, start off with three days of 
cardio exercise for 20 minutes or so, adding time each week until 
you get up to about 1 hour of fat burning. If you're an intermediate 
or advanced exerciser, you can do cardio anywhere from 4 to 6 days a 
week, keeping in mind that each workout should vary in time, 
intensity and activity. 

How Hard Should You Work? 

While you won't burn as many calories in the 'fat burning' zone, you
can certainly add it to your weekly routine. These workouts are great 
for endurance since you can exercise for a longer period of time than
if you're working out at a higher intensity. Each week, have at 
least one long workout in the lower end of your THR (Target Heart Rate) 
and one shorter workout at the high end of your THR. Another option 
is interval training, an intense workout where you alternate high 
intensity intervals and recovery intervals. The Human body was built
 to work and you have to push it but also don't forget you need 
down time so get your rest after your hard work. 

Important Tips 

* Warm up and cool down for each workout. 

* Drink lots of water (take a sip every 15 minutes during your 
  workout) make sure water is room temp. 

* Stretch after your workout. 

* Eat a small, well-balance snack an hour or two before you hit the
  gym. Make sure you eat about 40 minutes to an hour after your workout
  to replace vital nutrients your body has lost. 

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