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The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

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     Fitness Tips For 10/26/2005 

How Muscles Increase In Strength And Size
By Tracy Anderson
Lifestyle Fitness and Nutrition

	A new program of aerobic exercise will increase a muscle's 
endurance and tone and make it slightly larger, only by a very small 
percentage. But if you wish to significantly increase a muscle's strength 
and size, you'll need to do resistance exercises with that muscle on a 
regular basis (one to three times a week). Resistance exercise, also called 
strength training, uses much heavier weights for resistance than aerobic 
exercise. Loads can so heavy that you can only lift them a limited number 
of times in a row, and this is called repetitions.  The number of 
repetitions performed in a row is called a set. 
A strength program usually involves lifting a weight eight to 15 times 
(or repetitions), taking time to move through the full range of motion. 
You can use free weights,(barbells or dumbbells, or weight machines (such 
as Nautilus or Life Fitness machines). The weight should be heavy enough 
to make the final repetition fairly difficult. 
By stressing a muscle's anaerobic energy system in this way for several 
months, you'll produce changes in your muscles that are completely 
different from those produced by aerobic exercise. The amount of local 
energy reserves is increased by anaerobic exercise. 
The nervous system adapts quickly to weightlifting exercises by 
facilitating the desired movement while learning to "shut off" 
reflex mechanisms that might otherwise inhibit contraction. With 
repeated resistance training, over time the protein filaments inside 
each muscle fiber grow thicker and more numerous, increasing the 
diameter of exercised muscles. This size increase is more pronounced 
in men  probably because of the influence of higher testosterone 
levels. The tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues 
surrounding the muscle also thicken and become stronger. The bones 
attached to the working muscle may also increase their mineral 
content. With every good workout, the cross sectional diameter 
should increase by 0.1%, given that your nutrition is good and 
your getting enough rest.
Note: An increase in size is not necessary for a muscle to get 
stronger. The greatest strength gains are usually achieved in 
the first weeks of training  before any significant size increase 
occurs. And because the main strength gains come from the 
rebuilding of the muscle fibers between workouts, you should 
allow at least 48 hours between strength-training sessions. 

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