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     Fitness Tips For 12/21/2005 

Which Protein Supplement is Best?
by Bryan Kernan

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past decade, by 
now you are well aware of the lean muscle-building benefits of 
protein. Protein provides the building-blocks for muscle 
development, and whey-based protein powders in particular are 
virtually a "must-have" element of any serious bodybuilding or 
fitness nutrition program. 

Because of it's outstanding bio-availability and it's extremely 
rapid absorption, a basic whey protein powder is still one of the 
best and most effective physique-enhancing supplements on the 

But with so many quality proteins available--and so much money 
being spent on overstated advertisements--deciding which basic 
protein powder makes the most sense for you in terms of both 
ingredients and cost can often be a frustrating chore. 

To help you make the most intelligent decision, here's a quick 
comparison of some of the highest quality and most popular brands 
on the market: 

Comparing Ingredients:

"Designer Protein" 
17.5g protein
2.8g carbs
1.2g fat

23g protein 
4g carbs 
1.5g fat

"Optimum Whey" 
22g protein
1.5g carbs
1g fat

20g protein
3g carbs
1.5g fat

"Muscle Drive HP"
24g protein
3g carbs
2g fat

$ Comparing Cost $ 

"Designer Protein" 2lbs = $28.99 
40 servings, $0.72 per serving

"Methoxy-Pro" 2lbs = $29.99 
26 servings, $1.15 per serving

"Optimum Whey" 5lbs = $29.95 
80 servings, $0.37 per serving

"Nitro-Tech" 2lbs = $34.99 
32 servings, $1.09 per serving

"Muscle Drive HP" 2lbs = $38.99 
28 servings, $1.39 per serving

While each individual is likely to have a favorite in terms of 
flavor and taste, "Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein" is 
clearly the best buy of the bunch. This combined with it's 
outstanding quality makes it our top recommendation. 


Bryan Kernan is the author of "Bodybuilding Supplement 
Secrets Revealed" For more inforamtion go to:


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