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     Fitness Tips For 12/28/2005 

What to Eat Before Bed
By Zach Bashore

Most of you know of how to get proper nutrition throughout 
the day but what do you eat before bed? Common sense suggests
that a balance of complex carbs and protein is adequate at 
this time but I am going to tell you more than that. I am 
going to tell you precisely what you should be eating and 
what macronutrients they should be coming from.

The meal you eat before bed is just as important as any of 
the other meals you consume. Opinions vary from eating 
anywhere from 2 hours to 15 minutes before you go to bed, 
but what you decide will depend on personal preference. It 
is also very important that you don't undereat at this 
time because doing so will cause you to wake up in the
middle of the night feeling hungry, while unconsciencely 
eating things that you shouldn`t be.

Okay, well I know why the last meal of the day is important, 
but what should I eat at this last meal? You want to consume 
slow digesting foods such as fibrous carbs, casein protein, 
and even healthy fats. Cottage Cheese, natural peanut butter, 
and any type of vegetable is also perfect at this time. You 
can even consume complex carbs, just be careful not to eat 
too much of them.

Of course, you should avoid fattening and sugary foods. You 
also need to avoid caffeinated foods and beverage since 
caffeine keeps you from getting a good night`s rest. There 
have been no scientfic studies showing that eating before bed 
will cause weight gain, but be smart and don`t over do it.

The hardest part is keeping your food intake low at night. It 
gets boring late at night and sometimes you feel that eating 
is the only thing to do. Don't! Keep yourself occupied and make 
sure you are in control of what is going on. Read a book, go for 
a walk, there are endless options, just don't eat things you 

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