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     Fitness Tips For 2/10/2016

Too Much Talking at the Gym

Shut Up and Lift with Me! Did you know that a simple thing like talking too much can cut into your muscle size? It's true and here is how it works. Talking short-circuits your focus. And focus lies at the heart of promoting muscle gains. You can't move heavy duty weight without heavy duty concentration and how can you concentrate if you or someone with you is talking all the time. You can either concentrate on the person talking or on the weights, but not on both. There is a second issue as well the time issue. Most guys and gals only have a limited amount of time to train. With regular jobs and a host of responsibilities, time in the gym is a precious commodity. So for every minute you spend gabbing, you lose that minute of work time. And there is yet a third issue the testosterone factor. Vince Gironda pointed out that testosterone levels drop off a cliff at roughly the 45 minute mark of training. So if your talking causes you to go beyond that point, then your talking has fundamentally harmed your workout. For all of these reasons and more, talking needs to be kept at a minimum in the gym. You don't have to be a monk, or unfriendly, but the reason for being in the gym is to blast the muscles, not to socialize. If you feel a burning need to socialize, do so after the workout, not during the workout. This may have another outcome also as it may mean changing training partners if someone is always talking and doesn't let you build up significant concentration and focus on the iron. You have 23 other hours during the day to talk if you want to. Note: Checkout the author's website at NaturalSize.com

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Too Much Talking at the Gym

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