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Tricep Dip Variations

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 8/19/2020

Tricep Dips Workout

It dawned on me this week that after all of the newsletters I have done on various exercises and workouts I totally overlooked the age old tricep dips. I remember when I first starting working that my friends and I would challenge each other on how many tricep dips we could do. In this newsletter I am going to get into the various forms of tricep dips and will give you a tricep dip workout that will have you extremely sore the next day. So keep reading while I unpack the ins and outs of tricep dips.

What Muscles Are Used When Doing Tricep Dips?

The main muscles used during a tricep dip are the long, lateral, and short head muscles. Other muscles used are your chest, shoulders, biceps, lower traps, and even your core if you engage it during the exercise. Depending on which variation you are using to do tricep dips the level of intensity of the muscles that are activated will differ. But as you can see, tricep dips involve a good portion of your upper body muscles which is a great way to get more done in less time. If you are looking to get defined or big arms these are a great exercise to do. Your tricep muscles make up the majority of your arm muscles. So instead of focusing on getting bigger biceps, target your triceps to get bigger or more defined arms in less time.

The Variations of Tricep Dips

There are multiple ways you can do tricep dips. Here are the various forms:

Traditional Tricep Dips:

Tricep Dips

These are how I first started doing them. You find two parallel bars that are roughly shoulder width distance and grab on to them and dip down. If you lean forward you activate your chest and shoulder muscles more during the exercise. Make sure to go down as far as you can and extend fully when you rise. A good rule of thumb is that if you have never done these before don't start with these or have someone spot you so you don't land on your face. Also try and keep your arms close to your body and limit your elbows from bowing out.

Chair Dips

Chair Dips

Chair dips are a little less challenging than traditional dips but get the job done. As you can see Arnold doing chair dips with two benches you place both your hands and feet on two chairs, two benches, anything that will hold your bodyweight. Make sure to keep the chair or bench that you hands are on close to your back so you are not extending out while you go down.

Floor Dips

Floor Dips

These are the easiest to do and I recommend starting here if you have never done these. You put your hands and feet on the ground and dip down using your arms. To make them more intense you can elevate on leg while doing the dip. Although this is the easiest form of tricep dips it still isolates your triceps extremely well and the best part is you only need your body to do them.

Here Is A Quick Workout Using Tricep Dips

This workout is fast and effective. For 5 minutes do the following:

Do 10 push ups. Then immediately do 10 tricep dips. Keep alternating between push ups and tricep dips for the entire 5 minutes and go as fast as you can. I bet you will have a hard time finishing the 5 minutes if you really push yourself. Choose any variation of tricep dips for this workout, floor dips work well here for transition purposes.

Final Thoughts On Tricep Dips

I have always and will always like to do tricep dips. They are fun, challenging, and really allow you to get the horseshoe look for your arms. My advice here is that you do them whenever you work out your arms, chest, or shoulders. Put tricep dips into your workout regimen, you will be happy you did.

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