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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 7/22/2020

V Ups Core Exercise

Everyone into bodybuilding and fitness wants a strong good looking core right?  We want to be able to enjoy nice weather with our shirts off and show our awe inspiring six pack abs!  If you read my newsletter on a regular basis you know I am not about show and looking good as my number one priority.  I am about getting as fit as possible.  However, being able to see the rewards of the hard work on your body is always a plus. In this article I am going to dive into the V Up, a core exercise that engages a whole lot and is extremely effective so keep on reading to learn more about v ups

The Basic of V Ups

V ups are done by lying on your back with your arms stretched out over your head.  From that position you raise up and touch your hands to your toes.  Sounds easy to understand right?  Watch the video below to see how to do effective v ups and avoid injuring your lower back

[She goes after v ups pretty fast and furious.  If you are just starting out doing them, be more controlled and go slower to prevent a lower back injury]

Benefits of V Ups

V Ups are challenging, especially during an entire core workout.  V Ups work your upper, middle, and lower core thus engaging the majority of your core muscles in one exercise.  With a little variations you can easy work your obliques as well.  You only need your bodyweight and a bit of grit to do this if you have a pretty solid fitness foundation.  If you are just starting out, or have back issues v ups are probably not the best core exercise to do.  The last thing you want to do is injure yourself to set you back even further.

Modifications To V Ups

You can modify v ups to make them a bit challenging.  Instead of going right back down as shown in the video, do a five second hold at the top of the v ups, this will work your core much more.  To work your obliques instead of going straight up and out, go out and to the side.  As you go up bring your hands over to the right at about a 2 clock position.  Then for your next one put your hands to a 10 clock position.  Little modifications go a long way .  You can also add in low weight, an exercise ball, used bent knees, and any other modifications.

Closing Thoughts On V Ups

Given them a go.  Make sure to only do v ups if your are physically able.  If you are not able to do full v ups, incrementally work to get higher as you come up in the v up.  Over time you will get stronger and will eventually be able to go as high as you want.  Getting fit and being able to do advance moves is a process and is about becoming fit, never about being fit.  Don't stick yourself in the box of "I am so fit".  Because I know there is a move or a set of exercises out there that will challenge you.  Have fun with V Ups.

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