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Nitrobol Review

I am writing this review for the product Nitrobol because it has 
been one of the best in protein synthesis products I have tried 
ever!  When I first read about Nitrobol , I have to admit I was 
very skeptical, but after the first week of using it, it became 
very clear to me that this product was working.  

I was using 10 capsules twice a day, once in the morning and 
then following my workouts.  I noticed that my recovery time 
was getting shorter and shorter which is important to me since 
I compete all the time in Strongman competitions and 
Powerlifting meets of all levels. 

I also noticed that after using the Nitrobol for a while that my 
body seemed to be absorbing more of the protein I was consuming 
throughout the day. How do I know, well anyone that consumes 
alot of protein powder throughtout the day knows that it can 
be a constant race to the rest room when your body is not 
accepting what you have just put in.  Which in turn means I 
put on I would say a good 6 pounds in 3 weeks.

I give Nitrobol a big thumbs up and I personally plan on doing 
another study on this product and see how much Muscle 
gains I can get in 3 month with this awesome product.

Thanks a ton,  

Daniel Conner

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     Fitness Tips For 1/18/2012

Volume vs Intensity Workout

By Oliver Wolter, inventor of The X-Size Program
see Bodybuilding Software 

I'm sure you have heard the old saying, "You can workout harder or
you can workout longer, but you can't do both at the same time".

An example of this is jogging vs sprinting, if you jog which is a 
Paced, lower intensity form of running, then you can run for a longer 
time. But if you sprint, witch is a more all out, high intensity form
of running, you will not be able to run long before you get 

Intensity Workouts

High intensity training, means you do only 1 to 3 sets for each 
Exercise, and no more then 2 to 3 exercises for each muscle group. 
You would take every set you do to the point of muscle failure
where you can't do another full rep no matter how hard you try.

Volume Workouts

By using less poundage and not taking your sets to muscle failure 
you can increase the amount of work you do. Back in the day Arnold 
and others did up to 5 sets for each exercise and 4 to 5 exercises, 
doing an average of 20 sets for each muscle group.

Both high intensity and high volume workouts do work and many people
stay faithful to one or the other.

So how can you decide which one is right for you?

First would be which one matches your personality. 

Are you and intense person that would prefer to get in the gym and 
work hard and get out fast?

Or are you more laid back and prefer to take your time and do more
work but not push to your maximum all the time?

Another factor would be how your body responds to each form of 
training, factors such as body type and your personal muscle fiber 
make up have a lot to do with what kind of progress you will make 
on each type of training.

For example someone that has a lot of Type 2 (white muscle fibers) 
will do best on short-duration, high-intensity workouts.

And someone that has mostly Type 1 (red muscle fibers), will benefit
more from lower-intensity but long-duration workouts.

No matter which method you choose you still need to make sure that 
you get enough rest and recovery between workouts so that you avoid
overtraining, which is best defined as working out too hard, too long 
or too often.

Of course my X-Size Bodybuilding Software takes all of the 
above into consideration and designs and monitors your workouts, so 
that you are making the fastest gains in both muscle size and strength 
humanly possible.

To your success,


Build up your muscles 312% faster with X-Size

X-Size is more than another Training System - it's software 
with an build in A.I. (artificial  intelligence). It perfectly 
adapts to anyone's needs.

With this system you can build up muscles 312% faster 
than ever before. You can also drop fat 66.7% faster. 

It will make you stronger fast - if you want to be the next who 
bench presses over 300 pounds this is your way.

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Volume vs Intensity Workout

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