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Warm Up Exercises

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 5/26/2021

Warm Up Exercises for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding Warm Up

Warm Up Exercises are crucial for anyone out there. Without this step we can be faced with injuries that are not at all easy to handle. Joint and muscle preparation for the intense workout that is to come will aid you to prevent getting injured while also improving circulation and getting it ready for the increased blood flow that will follow. While performing warm up exercises your body’s temperature will increase and this will make the muscles tougher and better prepared to resist strenuous activity. We can also add that flexibility is increased and this is equally important in bodybuilding. Keep in mind that a warm up is designed to warm your muscles and increase your heart rate. The problem is that it should not be too much. A lot of people end up warming up too much. The good news is that as time passes you will learn your body and know how much you should warm up.

Warm Up Exercises – Loosening Up

Before any workout you have to loosen up. This will reduce injury potential and will prepare your body for the exercise to come. Let us think about a very simple loosening up series of exercises. First you should stand with the knees relaxed and the legs at hip width distance. The upper body has to be lifted through your spine and keep the shoulders relaxed at all times. The starting position sees you with the arms on the sides. Lift the arms to your sides and inhale as you do this. As you keep on inhaling the arms should reach high above your head. As you start exhaling start moving the arms back to the first position. Do this rising and lowering movement 4 times.

The next step stands in inhaling as you lift the arms to your side and then hold them right above the head. The abdominal muscles need to be held in while your pelvic girdle is to be tilted upward. Hold the hands together and elongate your spine with a rounding of the back. Keep in mind that we are talking about a warm up exercise, which means you have to do everything slowly and the rounding has to be slight and not complete. The arms must be kep in line with the ears. Keep your shoulders relaxed and do the exhale while returning to the initial position. Once again repeat this 4 times.

A rotation of the shoulders should follow. Rotate them forward and backward 8 times. Start turning your head to the left and the right. Keep all movements slow so that the muscles can start warming up. Loosening up is very important before your workout and should be an important part of your warm up exercises.

Warm Up Exercises – Full Body Warm Up

A full body warm up can be done in different ways. Let us think about a plan that usually works well for most people out there. First you have to start marching in place in order to increase the circulation of blood. This movement will also increase the core temperature of the body. You should repeat the movements for three sets. Each of them must include 8 counts. Next you will need to extend every leg forward. The heel must touch the floor and the supporting leg is to be bent at the level of the knee. While lowering swing the arms side to side in a rhythmic movement. Once again repeat for three sets, each of 8 counts.

Now let us start raising every knee alternatively while the arms try to reach the ceiling. Your abdominal muscles must be tight and the spine lifted while the legs lift right from your hip socket. The weight needs to be centered in the hips, right over the heels. Advanced bodybuilders will do these warm up exercises at a jogging rate (done in place and not really running). In this case you have to keep the body well in alignment. The knees have to be bent in order to absorb impact shock.

Warm Up Exercises Final Thoughts

Always keep in mind that warm up exercises are crucial for all bodybuilders out there. Different experiences will bring in different exercises and the ones mentioned above are only ideas that you can follow or not. On the other hand, if you do not do warm up exercises you will end up with serious problems sooner or later.

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