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     Fitness Tips For 9/23/2015

Weight Lifting Balance
The Forgotten Element

The much debated topic of using free weights or machines often centers around which one will build the muscles better and can become quite intense. However, one part of the debate often goes overlooked. That element is balance. Balance is the one of the key differences between free weights and machines, and the reason why there can be no direct one to one comparison. Poundage isn't the only factor When people try to compare the use of free weights and machine weights they often do a comparison based on poundage. They look at how much you can press with free weights and how much you can press with a Hammer machine or some other style of machine press. However, balance goes overlooked. Balance under a Working Load When someone lifts weights on a machine, they don't have to use much balance at all, and they are often seated to boot. But when a free weight is lifted, the weight load is not the only factor going. Balance is also employed, And when balance is employed, balance is improved. So free weight training boosts balance in ways that a machine never touches. So free weights provide an entire segment that machines don't the key aspect of balance. And this is balance under a working load. With free weights you not only have to lift a weight, you also have to balance that weight at all times or you drop it. So balance is a big deal and a missing deal with the machine work. Machines are great for building the body but free weights have an aspect balance that can be found nowhere else and free weights should always be the foundation of any good training program. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Weight Lifting Balance the Forgotten Element

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