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     Fitness Tips For 7/29/2015

Weightlifting Exercises to Avoid

It may seem strange, but there are some weightlifting exercises you want to avoid instead of engage in. Indeed, these exercises can have a negative instead of positive approach. Dumbbell Side Bend This is one of the worst possible movements for anyone who wants a V shape. The side bend is fine, as long as you confine your movements to body weight only. However, when you add dumbbells, you make a big mistake. That mistake is compounded when you use heavy dumbbells. The problem with the side bend is that it builds up the midsection with extra muscle. And this is one area where you donít want extra muscle because extra muscle translates into extra size. And that size extends out the waist region. And it makes the fat that sits on top of the muscle look even larger than it is. The result is that it totally destroys the V shape, taking away the taper and flattening out the V. Some people pound out the reps with the side bend, thinking they are making headway, but in fact they are making their waist appear larger. And when you have a shirt on no one knows if that extra size is muscle or fat. So avoid the dumbbell side bend. Squat Everyone should squat for the super benefits it gives the body. But there is a group of people who should minimize their squatting. This is the person with a body type that is big around the hips. Squatting will make your hips bigger, and if you already naturally have large hips, you don't want them to get even bigger. So if you are broad in the hip area, minimize squatting. Behind-the-Head Press Another great exercise that not everyone should do. Some people have rotator cuff and other shoulder issues and if that is you, go to a front press instead of a behind-the-head press as this will put less stress on your critical shoulder areas. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Weightlifting Exercises to Avoid

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