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     Fitness Tips For 8/29/2012

Weight Lifting Range of Motion Training

Range of motion a different approach to progression.

By Paul Becker
When lifting weights there are three factors involved:

1) How much weight you lift, 

2) Over what range of motion 

and 3) for how many repetitions.

Yes, there are three factors, yet most people only make use of two 
of them in traditional progression. Most will start with a weight 
that allows about 8 reps and try to add reps each successive workout
and finally when they can do 12 reps, they then add enough weight 
to bring it back to 8 reps and so on.

So in the traditional approach only weight and reps are varied, but 
never the range of motion. Let's take a look at a diffident approach
that makes use of all three factors.

Using the over head press for example, add 20 to 30 pounds to what 
you usually do and set the pins in a power rack so that you are only 
doing the quarter of the movement, do 6 to 8 reps and try to add 
reps each and every workout until you can do 10 to 12 reps.

Then lower the pins so that you are now doing the top half of the 
movement, keep the weight the same but lower the reps back down. 
Each time you reach your higher rep range you'll lower the pins and
continue as above until you are finally doing full range reps with 
20 to 30 pounds more then your previous best.

Based on the results of trainees trying this method, it may indeed 
produce gains faster than the traditional approach.

If you try this method, you may want to experiment a bit and see 
what amount of weight and rep ranges work best for you. You may 
also want to do 1 set with you usual weight using the full range of
motion every other workout to insure that you stay strong over the 
full range of motion, it will help if you add weight on the full 
range set and try to make it end up the same as the partial range 
of motion weight by the end of the cycle.

Give this method a try and see if it doesn't push your poundages 
through the roof.

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Weight Lifting Range of Motion Training

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