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Can you really build muscle without weights?

Mike Thiga transformed himself from a scrawny 148 pounds 
to a massive 187 pounds. In slightly less than 6 months, 
he packed on 39 pounds of solid muscle, all without ever 
lifting a weight or going to the gym. 

Learn how he did it in How To Build Muscle Without Weights

     Fitness Tips For 4/11/2012

Weight Lifting vs Body Weight Exercises

Which one gets the best results? The answer may suprise you.

by Paul Becker

I will never forget Brad, he was one of the best built guys in my
high school. The funny thing was Brad didn't lift weights, he only 
did bodyweight exercises such as chin ups and push ups. The rest of
us that wanted to build muscle all lifted weights and we kind of 
thought Brad was strange for not using weights.

Now as I reflect back, I realize I totally missed the point. At the
time I figured I knew it all already and since everyone else was 
lifting weights, I figured bodyweight exercises were for beginners 
only. Yet, here was Brad, a 17-year-old kid with huge arms, 
shoulders, chest, back, etc. 

I know that he didn't spend anywhere near the amount of time working
out as we did and he was getting awesome results. He also didn't 
have to spend all his money on gym fees, or buying equipment for his 
home gym.

And stupid me never bothered to ask him exactly what he was doing.

I will also never forget Darren, I went over his house one day and 
he was doing push ups, I asked him why he wasn't lifting weights 
and he told me bodyweight training builds you up faster.

I figured he didn't know what he was talking about and promptly forgot 
about it. I saw him about a year later and the dude was huge.

And stupid me never bothered to ask him exactly what he did to get 
that way.

Well I am a bit older and wiser now, and recently read about how Mike
Thiga went from a skinny 148 pounds to a massive 187 pounds in slightly
less than 6 months. I got smart and found out exactly what he did to 
get such incredible results.

I am now using the exercises and techniques from his Muscle Experiment
program. It's crazy I'm almost 50 years old and my workouts center 
around exercises like:
Close grip palm up chin-ups
Push-ups with feet elevated
Inverted bodyweight rows
Handstand push-ups
One legged squat

And guess what, I made better progress in the last 3 months than I 
made in the last few years from lifting weights.

Yes, I still do a few exercises with barbells and dumbbells, maybe 
I'm still being stupid, but old habits die hard I guess.

I wish I had known what I know now all those years ago, I would have 
been so much bigger in high school, collage, etc.

But it's my own fault; I should have listened to Brad and Darren.

Don't be stupid like me and wait 30 years and look back and kick
yourself for not listening.

Check out Mike Thiga's program and learn the lost secrets
of bodyweight training.

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Weight Lifting vs Body Weight Exercises

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