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     Fitness Tips For 11/5/2014

Training without a Spotter

Weight Training with no Spotter Training without a spotter can be dangerous, no doubt about it. But many guys are in a situation where this is a necessity, particularly if the workout is performed at home. And sometimes a commercial gym may be virtually empty, or conversely, full of people without the time to spot, that you end up training without a spotter. Safety is a huge issue when training without a spotter so you don't want to take any unnecessary risks. All of training is somewhat risky but you want to lower the risk profile of each workout as low as possible. Power Rack to the Rescue The quintessential tool for training without a spotter is the power rack. Nothing comes close to this choice piece of equipment and after the weights, it is the most vital thing to have for someone lifting at home and/or alone (you may have to make use of one in a gym if you can't get a spotter or two). A power rack lets you perform almost all movements in safety, acting as a spotter for you. You can set the support bars where you want them for movements like the squat, letting you get in a full lift while still offering safety. Even the bench press can be performed in the power rack, with perhaps even more safety than two spotters would give you. Speaking of the bench press, if you ever do have to bench press without a spotter and without a power rack or specialized bench with supporting arms for safety, then make sure you don't have any collars or other holding items on the end of the bar in the event you get stuck and need to get the weight off. If you don't have collars you can simply dump the weight load off first one side, then the other. But it is not recommended that you perform the bench press without a spotter unless you do have a power rack or bench with supporting safety arms. Keep most of your big heavy-duty training in the power rack. And then use other exercises that don't require a spotter, such as the military press, dumbbell incline curl, etc., for a safe workout that still promotes growth. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Training without a Spotter

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