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     Fitness Tips For 11/30/2011

What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

So you have been working out for a while, seeing great results and 
loving the difference you see and feel in your body. But what 
happens if, for some reason  injury, holidays, burnout, or 
something else  you have to stop for a while.

What happens?

Well first, let me tell you what doesn't happen. Your muscle does 
not turn to fat. That would be like saying if you stop driving 
your car, your tires will turn to marshmallows. You may lose 
muscle mass and gain some fat, but your muscle does not turn to 

Here is what does happen:

Cardio: You begin to lose aerobic endurance in as little as two weeks.

Muscular Strength: Studies have shown that muscular strength will 
return to pre-exercise levels after four to 12 weeks off.

Muscular Size: Muscles will shrink after 4-12 weeks off.
Metablism:  As your muscles atrophy, your metabolism will slow.  This 
means that if you eat the same amount, you will gain weight. 

The good news is once you start exercising again is all comes back 
fairly fast.

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What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

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