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     Fitness Tips For 11/13/2013

Cardio Before or After Weights

Cardio Carb Killer When should you do cardio in a workout? Do you perform cardio/aerobic work prior to your weight training session? If you notice some guys in the gym, they jump on a bike or treadmill and get in a cardio/aerobic routine before they hit the iron. Have you thought about getting your cardio/aerobic out of the way before you work the weights? Huge mistake. Don't even consider it - and here's why. Cardio/aerobic can be used prior to weight training for a very brief warm up. However, anything beyond a couple of minutes of semi-dynamic action should be avoided. Why? Fuel source. When you perform cardio/aerobic exercise, the initial fuel source is glycogen based and you use very little fat. As your workout progresses you start to use more and more fat for fuel. At the twenty minute mark the fat starts to be burned off more readily. When you do train with the aim to burn off fat, the twenty minute mark should be the starting point for fat loss. However, the first 20 minutes burn up a lot of glycogen as fuel. And that means you don't have that glycogen available for later in the workout. This means that your weight training doesn't have the necessary fuel for hard training. And your muscles are somewhat exhausted to boot. So doing cardio/aerobic first messes fouls up your fuel source and drains your energy - not a wise move prior to trying to move heavy weight. The better choice is to always do your weight work first, and then if you want to perform some cardio/aerobic training on the same day, do it after the weight training. This is much more efficient as the glycogen will have been used up in the weight training and you can get right down to burning fat as the fuel source for the cardio/aerobic work. This situation makes a post weight training session on cardio work the best possible time to burn fat. The effectiveness of the post weight workout for cardio is extremely high and you should see very good results, while keeping your weight training impact intact. Make moving the iron a priority and give it the first slot in your workout set up. The best time to mix weight training with cardio workouts is when you are in a trimming approach - getting ready for a contest or just trying to slim down and lose some fat. Getting the weight training and cardio routines in the right training order is important for maximizing the best results from each style of training. And the people who do a hard load of cardio first? They obviously don't know what they are doing, nor why. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Cardio Before or After Weights

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