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High Intensity Training

New High Intensity Training Secrets

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 10/4/2017

Why High Intensity Training is the Best

Do you use high intensity training to build your body? If not, you should consider this style of hardcore training. Why? Because high intensity training is the best bodybuilding tool for building the body.

High intensity training is just that - training that is highly intense. And for building muscle, that's just what you need. The more intensity you can generate the better.

Reversion to the Mean

The human body is slow to respond to training stimulation, and it tends to "revert to the mean". This means it wants to slide back into its pre-trained state and has a tendency to stop responding to training input after a period of time. This is especially true for low to moderate levels of training stimulation.

To overcome this tendency to revert to the mean, training has to be intense. In fact the more intense the training, the more likely it has a big impact on the body. High intensity training is at the top of the training grid when it comes to impact on the body. The very name of this type of training reveals how impactful it is. Beating the reversion to the mean translates into getting super intense with the workouts and that's what high intensity training is all about. Low intensity training does have some benefits but nowhere near the benefits that high intensity has on the physique.

High intensity training also has the upside of allowing more time for recovery between workouts and that is another way the body benefits from this training style. Super intensity plus good workout recovery time equates to more muscle mass. This is particularly true for the guy looking for a way to build muscle naturally. High intensity training is the best friend of the natural body builder and the best way to train to see big and consistent gains.

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