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Introducing Nitrobol! A Potent Anabolic Inducer That Allows You To Grow 
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"I'm a regional bodybuilding contestant and recently started taking 
Nitrobol when I just came off a 6 week cycle of steroids. I usually lose 
quite a bit of my gains (approx. 50%) when I come off a cycle of 
steroids. This time I immediately started using Nitrobol according to 
your directions for lean muscle mass gains and it's awesome! I kept 
90% of the gains I made from my steroid cycle! What's even more 
awesome is that now I'm starting to make gains again naturally 
without steroids!" 
Name withheld by request 

"I'm 2 weeks into my Nitrobol cycle. I'm taking 12 capsules right 
after training because it seems to be what everyone else is doing. 
The only other thing that I've been taking is MetRx and I've been
 using that for 6 months. I'm stronger and it has to be the Nitrobol 
because since I've been taking it my bench has gone up 20 pounds. 
My max is 315 pounds for one and half reps. Tonight I put up 295 
pounds like it was 225 so I knew it would be the night I'd break 
through my plateau of 315. Instead, of putting on the usual 3 plates 
I added a 10 on each side and did a clean 335 pound bench. I know 
it's not an impressive number, but I'm very excited. Nitrobol is 
the Bomb! Thanks."
Peter Swaine, Piqua, OH

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     Fitness Tips For 11/2/2016

Why You Should Not Take Steroids

Steroids have been a part of bodybuilding since the 1950's (at least) and have had an effect on a multitude of bodybuilders. Initially few knew about steroids but over time that has changed and virtually all the top bodybuilders use steroids. There are some natural bodybuilding associations but these have far fewer members than the main line steroid using groups. Trade-Off There is a trade off for taking steroids (and this includes growth hormone and other chemicals used to enhance the body). If you take steroids you develop a bigger body much quicker but you also damage your long-term health. There is no question that steroids and growth hormones, and even diuretics (taken in excess and when the body is on the edge) do damage to the body and can even kill the body. Indeed, dozens and dozens of the top bodybuilders have died early. And that's only a picture of the popular ones many more unknown bodybuilders have also passed away prematurely. So if you take chemicals to build up your body, you are going to shorten your life span and make your old age more difficult as well. Staying Power When you avoid steroids and train naturally you build a body that has staying power. The muscles are there to stay. That's not true for steroid-style muscles, which melt away after the steroid taking is done. Natural muscle is healthy muscle. Big Difference The big difference between steroids and natural bodybuilding is health. Bodybuilding can be healthy if you skip the steroids. Taking steroids turns bodybuilding into a sham game. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
Why You Should Not Take Steroids

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