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Wide Grip Upright Row for Shoulders

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 2/7/20188

Use Wide Grip Upright Rows for Side Delts

If you have been training with weights for a few months or a few years you will no doubt be very familiar with upright rows. It is a compound movement for working on all three heads of the shoulders at the same time using your elbow joint and your shoulder joint at the same time.

Although this movement isolates the medial deltoid more than the front or rear shoulder it is probably the most effective movement you can do to isolate all three heads of the deltoids only. When you keep the barbell close to your torso the movement becomes safer and more effective.

When doing any upright rowing movement the objective is to always keep your elbows above your hands throughout the movement. When you were first taught this movement it is more than likely that you were instructed to take a narrow grip on the barbell placing your hands just a few inches apart.

But if you take a wider grip when doing upright rows you will get serious benefit to isolating your shoulders more effectively. When you use a wide grip sports science tells us that automatically all three deltoid heads are isolated with a higher precision and a higher intensity.

The primary focus when doing a wide grip upright rowing movement is the medial deltoid which is what makes the classic V shape called the Adonis look in men. This in turn will make your waist look narrower making you appear more symmetrical and balanced when you don't have a top on.

The additional benefit of doing wide grip upright rows is that you will relieve a lot of strain taken by the shoulder joint. This frees up the rotators isolating the delts only and preventing any impingement happening like narrow grip upright rows can often cause in this complicated group of muscles.

It is a good idea to use both the close grip as well as the wide grip so that you feel the difference. You will feel that when you use a narrow grip the movement will isolate more traps making it a great movement to warm up the shoulder girdle before attacking it with heavy weights using a wide grip.

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