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Workout Days and Rest Days

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Bodybuilding and Fitness Newsletter 3/29/2023

Rest Days vs Workout Days For Bodybuilding

One of the most common mistakes made by a person going to the gym (usually who has just joined), is to attend too regularly. You always hear people saying “I have been going everyday for 2 weeks”. Well this just isn’t sustainable! I hope you take from this post how important it is to leave gaps between your workouts, and have rest weeks every so often too.

Why Can’t I work out Everyday?

This is the question I get asked when I say it’s bad to go daily. The answer is because your body needs time to rest. 100% of muscle growth is being done when you rest, not when you’re at the gym. When you’re at the gym your tearing muscle fibers to give your body the potential to build muscle. This is why long sleep (10 + hours) is important for a bodybuilder, because sleeping is the ultimate rest. It gives your body time to recover, as well as putting more vitamins and minerals into rebuilding the muscle fibers you wrecked earlier in the day.

Your muscles are not the only thing that need to recover. Your central nervous system also needs to recover. During a workout your nervous system gets torn ragged, because of all the strain you are putting on your body. Because of this, even if you feel like you have recovered from your last workout – you probably haven’t.

Also, going too often is a great way to get bored of going to the gym. Most people that go to the gym stop after about 5 weeks, purely because they’re bored of the same sight after and after again.

How Often Should I go to the Gym Then?

This is a good question, but has no specific answer. All I can say is that generally you should aim to go a maximum of four times a week, and a minimum of three times a week. You should leave a week between each muscle group specific workout, as this will ensure the muscle is totally recovered and can lift heavier weights. Training too much will decrease the amount of muscle you can build – remember that.

A final note

I thought I would tag this one the end. A rest week is recommended to make sure your body is fully recovered after a grueling few weeks of training. Taking one week off with not so much as a thought about the gym will help you feel revitalized and ready for the next few weeks of training. You should aim to take these every 8 – 10 weeks depending on training intensity.

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