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Muscletech Nitro Tech

Nitro Tech contains the world's first "Nitrogen Delivery Technology", that is scientifically designed to force more amino acids into your muscles and yield greater gains in lean weight and strength.

MuscleTech has discovered a series of anabolic compounds that may exert pharmacological and physiological effects on the human body and have classified them into three revolutionary complexes: SynthePro™, Nitroxen™ and Insulogen™. These three complexes may act synergistically together to amplify the anabolic properties of whey protein such as that in NitroTech.

  • Nitro-Tech is also designed to time-release a portion of its protein creating a prolonged anabolic state!
  • University Tested: NitroTech Delivers Amazing Results!

A recent double-blind university study compared Nitro-Tech head to head against whey protein to determine which one is best. Subjects who consumed approximately two scoops of Nitro-Tech, three times per day and worked out four times per week, increased their lean bodyweight and strength significantly more than the group consuming regular whey protein.

The clinical data is truly impressive and suggests that Nitro Tech is so powerful that it could make regular whey protein obsolete.

Nitro Tech Reviews

For two months now I have used Nitro Tech and the gains have been magnificent. I can't speak for other supplements, but it really does work.
Steven Kierwarren

I tired Nitro Tech BUT I dont think it did me any good only because when I took it I didnt realize the nutritional aspect of weightlifting. dummy me!!! I didnt understand, or was ignorant to the fact of taking in about 1g of protein per ib of body weight. when I found that out I understood why these shakes were on the market. it isnt easy taking in your body weight in protein. as a result I find myself doing more then I have ever been able to do and going for more in the process and that puts a smile on my face. I use whey protein with 5% glutamine only because it has 40g of protein vs nitro tech which is 21 g of protein if I remember correctly.

I have been using protein powders for a quite awhile and have found nitro-tech to be my favorite. Although it is expensive, the MuscleTech company makes great products and as the label explains, nitro-tech is much much better than other whey products due to the nitrogen retension ability. Besides total meal replacements, all I buy in the protein area is Nitro-Tech.
Tom Bridges

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