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Peak Training Journal

Peak Training Journal is known as the ultimate source for hardcore bodybuilding, and covers controversial issues that other magazines shy away from. This journal covers the serious issues, without the fluff other magazines offer up.

Peak Training Journal Review

Peak Training Journal is the perfect source of information for those who a into serious bodybuilding. While it is not for everyone, this magazine contains articles and other information about training, supplements and issues some may find controversial. Many who are devoted to bodybuilding agree that this is the best magazine available for those who are intense about their workouts.

One thing Peak Training Journal does not do is give reviews on supplements. The reasoning for this is that there are numerous factors that can affect the way a supplement works for you such as diet, sleep and nutrition which could affect test results. This magazine publishes the facts, plain and simple.

For serious lifters, Peak Training Journal is a must. No bogus reviews, no crap products and very scientific. If you are a bodybuilder who wants the straight story without all the gloss, this is a must. Simply put, this magazine contains down-to-earth weight training and nutrition information that works.

Peak Training Journal Back Issues

Obsessed with the hardcore facts you find in Peak Training Journal? Whether you just want more information or are a collector, we have Peak Training Journal back issues available on the site. Go to Peak Training Journal Back Issues.

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