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Permanent Muscle Growth

By Oliver Wolter

did you ever ask yourself how to get permanent muscle growth gains?

If you did, perhaps you can understand how Manfred feels, who wrote me the following email:

Hello Oliver,

I do BB very modest since about 30 years, but I never weighted more than 170lbs.

Now today with 66 Years I am in a quite good shape but my arms have the same size like 30 years ago (15.5 inches). What do you think, do I have any chances to change that, maybe with another kind of training?

I have a doubt, especially if I look at my big idol, how fast you can get in a bad shape when you get older.

Arnold S., which I met in person 1968 seems to be only his own shadow today.


Here is my answer:

Hello Manfred,

Don't reduce yourself, I am sure there are a lot of men in your age which would be happy if they would have trained regular for the last 30 years to be in a much more better shape today.


You have something in common with all others - you can change and reach something new - right here and right now.

You say Arnold Schwarzenegger may be in a bad shape nowadays - you may be right, but without having any knowledge about the reasons you try only one thing by saying this - you give yourself an excuse for doing nothing.


It's about your life, your dreams and finding excuses for something maybe satisfies other people, but are you really sure your excuses will cancel your desire to develop the body of your dreams?

I can not answer this question but I can tell you that: very often I hear from men in tehir fourties: "Me? I never thought, this would be possible at my age!"

Because the rules are the same, no matter if you are 18 or 66 - you just have to adjust the variables.

And exactly this, adjustment of the variables, you will get with THE ONE AND ONLY X-Size Bodybuilding Software.

To your success!


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