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Personal Trainer One
Diet and Fitness Software Review

Top Rated Product
personal trainer software
X-Size Personal Trainer Software


Program Description:

WHAT? Personal Trainer One is a virtual fitness companion for your Windows based computer, resulting from over two years of development. Powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use, P.T.O. enhances your efforts to lose weight, stay-in-shape, and meet your fitness goals.

WHO? Personal Trainer One is for anyone desiring to improve their fitness through a healthy balance of nutrition and exercise. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast, working to lose weight, interested in  keeping accurate dietary records, or all of the above, P.T.O. can help.

WHY? Because P.T.O. isn't a "tech-toy". Other diet software programs exist, but act like typical business software - rigid spreadsheets that count calories instead of cents. P.T.O. is a very user-friendly tool for the real world, designed to handle your hectic life filled with business trips, birthdays, anniversaries, and little spare time.

Personal Trainer One: Key Benefits

Easy-to-use with colorful manual and step-by-step "wizards"

Detailed record keeping for both food and exercise

Start-to-finish assistance for a successful weight loss program

Delicious yet healthy "Easy Gourmet" Recipes

Cool "XP" style graphics

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